03 February 2011

Thanks again, Joey Lauren Sayers!

Why it's time

If you have given some thought, even a passing thought, of running for some higher office, I have
sobering news for you.  U.S. Representative Chris Murphy and former Secretary of the State Susan
Byciewitz are ALREADY  running!  And that's for Joe Lieberman's seat, a little less than two years'
away from changing  hands.  Harsh.

Now if you happen to have a hankering for the US Senate seat, that may be too much to swallow,
but if you're looking at the mayor, town/city council, board of ed, etc. this may be the perfect time...
but the clock is ticking away. 

This ain't for everyone.  If you either weep or explode the first time someone differs from you, perhaps
you should consider another field.  If, however, you are firm yet polite on the essential matters, and
willing to listen on the others, you have a shot.

But decide soon.  The clock is ticking...

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