31 August 2012

spanning the world... well, Charlotte, North Carolina, anyway

Now that we leave Tampa, Florida, we move on to Charlotte, North Carolina.  All you Democrats are probably breathing a sigh of relief.  We can, after all, know that are much more LGBT-friendly Democrats, all of those gathering in Charlotte.  We can relax, right?


Although there are more friendly Democrats, they are not universal.  Check your representative out.  If s/he is lackadaisical (or worse yet, opposed) let her/him you want strong batters, not pre-little-leaguers. WE WANT FULL RIGHTS FOR OURSELVES AND OUR LGBT FRIENDS.  Period.

note: the cities/towns listed here are previous ones.  To get your location go to www.house.gov and enter your ZIP code. If you are still unsure, call the nearest city/town hall and give your exact address
(for example, not just 'Fern Road' but rather '43 Fern Road') and s/he should be able to give your correct representative.

Fremont, California - Pete Stark(D) - CA13
Jersey City, New Jersey - Steve Rothman(D) NJ9
Fontana, California - Joe Baca(D) - CA43
Cranston, Rhode Island - Jim Langevin(D) - RI2
Pasadena, California - Adam Schiff(D) - CA29
San Francisco, California - Nancy Pelosi(D) - CA8
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Chakah Fattah(D) - PA2
Houston, Texas - Al Green(D) - TX9
East Hampton, New York -  Tim Bishop(D) - NY1

The Secret's Out - India - Prajakta Hebbar - http://www.indianexpress.com