09 October 2012

Lafayette College hosts nationally recognized speaker to celebrate Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender History Month - http://www.mcall.com

Chevrolet Volt Ad Wins Amplifier Award from GLAAD - Manoli Katakis - http://gmauthority.com

TONI Project: Providing Important Resources and Data for Trans College Students - Dan Rafter - http://www.hrc.org

Pennsylvanians - tell/email your friends, relatives, and colleagues that they CAN vote!

Credit: PAWR

The governor's idiotic attempt to limit the number of voters has been OVERTURNED. This means that if they registered, they CAN vote.  Be  sure to tell those listed above that you tell/email all those listed of their rights!

Ohioans - the time for registration is NOW!!!

Credit: rootsweb

I'll say it once again - the deadline for registration for voting is TODAY.  If you are not registered, get to your town or city hall immediately!!  Don't wait a second!