19 June 2013

Elizabeth Warren for POTUS?  Hmmmm...

Credit:  media.npr.org

In the last election, Barack Obama was my choice.  Still is.  On the whole,  I believe he is a good choice.

But on those times the President gets a little fudgy, someone needs to hold his feet to the fire.  Unfortunately, not too many Democratic Senators are willing to do this.

Elizabeth Warren is a refreshing exception.

When Barack Obama nominated people who were just a bit too cozy with Wall Street, she didn't passively let it go by.  She said, hey Barack, you gotta do better than this.

Early on, I believe that Elizabeth Warren might be a good president.  I know what she must be thinking.  Being a senator really isn't all that bad.  Despite its trappings, the White House is a place of a million headaches.

I respect that.  But before you brush aside the idea, at least give it a second thought.  If nothing else, it'll give those outside the commonwealth of Massachusetts a chance to vote for you!