12 November 2013

Oakland ceremony set for International Transgender Day of Remembrance

Kristin J. Bender

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Victoria’s Secret: How about a male model? (Canada)

Jillian Page

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Nevada assemblyman marries longtime partner in DC


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Becca Gorman, Student, Asks Apple To Change 'Gay' Dictionary Definition

James Nichols

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Transgender H.S. Coach Comes Out

Michelle Garcia

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Typhoon Haiyan

Credit:  http://static.guim.co.uk

By now, those of us in the West have likely heard of typhoons before, especially in the Philippines.In the past, Filipinos have dusted themselves off, made the necessary repairs, and moved on with life.  These are strong people.

Typhoon Haiyan is no ordinary typhoon, though - not by a long shot. 

Here in the Eastern United States, we would typically see hurricane winds of 100 mph).  We occasionally would see winds gust to 125 mph. These were generally not sustained, though.

Typhoon Haiyan had sustained winds of 225 mph, and these hit the Philippines directly.  Nothing in recorded history matched this. 

Please, whether it's a little or a lot, make a donation to rebuild the destroyed homes,  feed the hungry, and make the lives of our Filipino friends a bit better. The addresses are below.