11 August 2015

YOU did it! 5000 behind us!

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Though I know we'll never possibly meet face-to-face, I know, believe me, I know, that our lives have been touched somehow.  My God... with this I am so humbled...

From the northeast corner of the United States to the proud islet known as the Isle Of Man, we are there.  From the merciless corners of Angola, Rwanda, Iran, or Libya, we are there.  From countries where freedom to love one another is a RIGHT, we are there.  And from that huge mass of a country - Russia - where even the most basic rights are curtailed - we are STILL  there.

Thank you.  Thank you so much.

Meet Canada’s only transgender federal election candidate (Canada)

Sheena Goodyear
Yahoo! News

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5 Things We Learned From Eddie Redmayne

Jerry Portwood

Eddie Redmayne  

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please press:  http://www.out.com

Sister Monica’s Secret Ministry to Transgender People

Renee Gadoua

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please press:  https://sojo.net

Blotter | Man charged with hate crime for attack on transgender woman in Cal Anderson Park

Bryan Cohen
Capitol Hill Seattle Blog

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