22 October 2015


Credit:  http://www.politusic.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/vote-angry-cartoon-election.jpg

First to Canada:  Congratulations!  You made the difference by kicking Conservatives to the curb! Yay!

Next, to the US:  Yeah, I know voting can get a bit discouraging at times.  But, please, look at our friends to the north.  They voted, and they won.  I'll be straight with you.  There are no ironclad guarantees in voting.  But it provides you with the only way in which you have a real voice.  Throw your vote away, and you've thrown your voice away.

PS:  Check to see if you have a ballot initiative as well.  Please don't forget these as well as candidates.

'Gentlemen only' barbers accused of refusing to cut transgender teenager's hair (UK)

Josh Parry
The Mirror

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ezs note:  Come on, Evander, we're only being lighthearted.

Uh... we are, aren't we?

LGBT Veteran Activist Stephen Snyder-Hill to Speak at UC

Rachel Richardson
University of Cincinnati 

Credit:  http://www.uc.edu/content/dam/uc/foundation/images/downloadables/UC_wallpaper1_1600x1024.jpg

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Laverne Cox to take on iconic ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ role

Adam Howard

Credit:  http://instinctmagazine.com/sites/instinctmagazine.com/files/images/blog_posts/Nigel%20Campbell/2015/10/21/rocky%20horror.jpg

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Know the facts behind Houston’s HERO fight

Cece Cox
The Dallas Morning News

Credit:  https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/86/Dallas_Texas_Skyline_bei_Nacht.jpg

ezs note:  In Houston - and in cities and towns around the country - there are ballot measures around the country.  Don't overlook them!  In Houston, it is being referred to as the HERO measure.  Please vote YES on this measure.  And better yet, bring a friend!

Cuomo Planning Discrimination Protections for Transgender New Yorkers

Jesse McKinley
The New York Times

Credit:  http://www.msnbc.com/sites/msnbc/files/2013/05/ap549511955200_1.jpg

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