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21 January 2018

Drop out of the race, Chelsea


Dear Chelsea:

Hello. I came to speak to you tonight on your decision to run for the US Senate.  I don't follow Senator Cardin's record very closely, me being from Connecticut.  Maybe he's a good choice, maybe not.  Anyhow, you decided to run against him.

Despite your feelings regarding him, this is not simply a silly notion.  I understand your feelings - but this is so fundamentally stupid it beggars description.  Those in your immediate vicinity may call you Miss Wonderful, but there are legions of people - not only Republicans but Democrats and independents who would much rather see you rot in jail - and that's if you're lucky.

I didn't see things quite their way.  I did understand your frustration - but, come on, giving things to Wikileaks and their questionable(!) leader Julian Assange shows that, uh, you ain't too bright.  In the meantime, competent transgender leaders suffer under your "leadership".  You have SERIOUS questions that they should not have to answer.

Just thank your lucky stars that President Obama saw fit to free you - but get the hell out of the race.  Today.


Emily Shorette

16 May 2017

Manning leaves prison to a U.S. more accepting of transgender identity

Daniel Trotta

Chelsea Manning


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14 May 2017

Chelsea Manning to receive health care after prison release (UK)

Meka Beresford
Pink News

Chelsea Manning (drawing)


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11 January 2017

Chelsea Manning Is Reportedly On Obama’s Commutation Short List

Sara Morrison

Chelsea Manning (drawing)


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11 September 2016

25 August 2013

Susan Estrich: Delusions of Gender Aside, Bradley Manning Is a Criminal

Susan Estrich

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ezs note:  This was a toughie.  On the one hand, it's good to see Chelsea get at least some medical help.  On the other hand, it's kind of strange to give Chelsea full operative care in prison (free!) while other law-abiding citizens have to cough up 20 to 50 thousand bucks out of prison.  (I know this has to work its way through the courts, but still...)

Then there is the penal system.  I do believe that Chelsea must spend some time in prison, but 35 years is really too much.  There is a difference between Cuba or al-Qaida as opposed to Wikileaks.  It's high time that the government separated the two.

I chose Susan Estrich not because she's a conservative, but because she's a liberal, and her reasons are compelling.  And what about my opinion?  Hell, damned if I know...