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16 March 2017

Connecticut Considers Transfer of Transgender Teen Held in Adult Prison

Aura Bogado

York Correctional Institution (Niantic, CT)


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ezs note:  If you are a resident of Connecticut, please e-write  the Governor's Office and ask for the immediate resignation of Joette Katz.  ('Jane Doe' continues to be held in York Correctional Institutional without charge.  Yeah... thanks, Joette...)

10 March 2017

06 March 2017

Connecticut, it's YOUR time!


ezs note:  If you live in Connecticut (as I do) there's a special call I'd like you to make.  Connecticut has a good record in terms of transgender rights, but there's one area that's been left behind.  It's in the, uh, "practice" of "reparative therapy", a crackpot pseudo-science with all the merits of Kirilian photography.  If you wanna give it a try, go ahead - but just know you're being ripped off - big time.  Fortunately, my State Senator Beth Bye (my hero!)  is working to get Connecticut out of this business entirely. If you live in Connecticut,  please call your state representative and state senator and tell them that "reparative therapy" has no place in Connecticut medicine.  Just like Kirilian photography.  Thanks.

26 February 2017

Connecticut's 32nd state Senate district


ezs note: Next Tuesday, voters in Connecticut's 32nd state Senate district will hold a special election to replace Rob Kane. Although I am somewhat reticent to endorse anyone in this race, unless Eric Berthel (R) shows forth ironclad endorsement for transgender people, I would likely encourage you to vote for Greg Cava (D).  (Petitioning candidate Dan Lynch is also running.)

Above all, I urge you to vote.  It's your one chance to directly affect who your state Senator will be.  So, uh, vote!

13 February 2017

Commentary: Rejecting fear as a transgender woman

Alexandra Chandler
Chicago Tribune


03 February 2017

Suicide of transgender teen shakes Kent boarding school

Barry Lytton


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ezs note:  Emelia Worth was one of Connecticut's own.  My condolences to Mr. and Mrs. Worth, as well as Emelia's friends and family.  Please, if you are feeling low or worthless, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, call now.  The number is 1-800-273-8255. Thanks.

04 January 2017

Why Is It So Hard For Transgender Americans To Find Work?

Adam Salandra


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22 December 2016

Deep Divide Stops Effort to Repeal North Carolina's Controversial 'Bathroom Bill'



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ezs note:  C'mon, Mr. Karmanos, have a heart - let our team come back and punish North Carolina for its obstinacy!

05 December 2016

Westport Native Killed In Oakland Fire Remembered As 'Gentle Soul'

Vinny Vella
Hartford Courant

Riley Fritz, upper left


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ezs note:  She was originally from our little state of Connecticut... rest in peace, Riley...

15 November 2016

It's your voice - use it!


ezs note:  Oh boy.  Donald Trump - president.  Isn't that just wonderful.

Well, I'll tell you what you do.  You call or e-mail, often.  I don't think that it will matter that much dialing Trump's number - but I do think it will matter a great deal to your representative.  But - ya gotta call.  If you are uncertain who your representative is click and enter your ZIP code.

But - ya gotta call!!

13 November 2016

Goldust Says His Transgender Stepson Was Attacked Last Night




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09 November 2016

Aw, crap...


08 November 2016

I voted today... DID YOU??


25 October 2016

The rest of the ticket


So far, I have covered the top of the ticket by selecting Hillary Clinton (D) over Donald Trump
(R), Gary Johnson (L) or Jill Stein (G).  Here is the rest of the ticket.

US Senator
Richard Blumenthal (D) over Dan Carter (R), Richard Lion (L) , or Jeffery Russell (G)

US Representative
John B. Larson (D) over Matthew M. Corey (R) or S. Michael DeRosa (G)

State Senator
Beth Bye (D) over Mark Merritt (R)

State Rep. (18)
Andrew Fleischmann (D) over Rob Levine (R) 

State Rep. (19)
Chris Barnes (R) over Derek Slap (D)

In the 20th State Rep. district (Joe Verrengia-D) and the Judge of Probate (Owen Eagan-D) both are unopposed. As far as the Registrar of Voters goes, hell, flip a coin - they both get in. 

14 October 2016

Bristol Church Invites Transgender Pastor To Give Sermon

Hartford Courant


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24 September 2016

Wethersfield, Connecticut


ezs note:  Looking to visit Wethersfield, Connecticut?  Just click here to visit!