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01 April 2017

Carver High students research transgender housing discrimination

Shella' Smith

Shella' Smith, left


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ezs note:  Shella' Smith for state rep!  Yay!

18 March 2017

This year on track to be deadliest for transgender women — but activists are fighting back

Sarah Lazare


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ezs note:  One thing that transgender women and men might want to try is self-defense classes.  (See the previous day's article, "Kelly Herron slams group using her attack in anti-transgender bathroom campaign".)  Yeah, it might be nice to have the police around, but we must be realistic.  Some larger cities and towns offer classes at a very low or no cost to you.

13 March 2017

New Orleans church window shattered 2 days after it hosted transgender town hall

Mathew Rodriguez


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05 March 2017

Memorial held for Sacramento transgender woman killed in New Orleans



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ezs note:  You can make a donation here for Chyna's funeral, It will ease the family's pain, even if just a bit.  Rest in peace, Chyna.

02 March 2017

2 Transgender Women Killed in New Orleans Within 48 Hours: Police

Melissa Chan

Chyna Gibson and Ciara McElveen


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ezs note:  Sadly, yet another transgender woman has been murdered.  Her name was Ciara McElveen.  While I have no doubt that members of the New Orleans Police Department do their work very hard, it all seems so bootless.  Transgender women do have a right to attend  concert, go to a bar, restaurant, or coffeeshop, or just enjoy an evening stroll without suffering the, ahem, annoyance of being raped or murdered.  Can we see what might be done more proactively?  Thanks.

01 March 2017

NOPD seeking 'vehicle of interest' in transgender woman's stabbing death

Jed Lipinski
The Times-Picayune

Chyna Gibson


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ezs note:  New Orleans police caught a break by capturing a picture of the vehicle involved in the killing of Chyna Gibson.  However, the person remains at large.  Please, look at the car carefully.  It's a black sedan, (possibly a Camaro).  It's hard to tell from the angle, but the car might have tinted windows.  If you see it, please call the New Orleans Police Department at 504-658-5300. C'mon, let's put this vermin behind bars!

26 February 2017

Report: Transgender woman killed in New Orleans East shooting


Chyna Gibson (aka Chyna Doll Dupree)


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ezs note:  Please, if you have any information about the murder of Chyna Gibson, and you live, work, or frequent New Orleans, call the New Orleans Police Department at 504-822-1111. Thanks.

26 October 2016

John Bel Edwards says he is confident he'll win LGBT lawsuit

Julia O'Donoghue
The Times-Picayune


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22 September 2016

Transgender woman raped by male cellmate is suing a New Orleans jail

Claire Lampen


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31 December 2015

Gay Rapper makes new video and all the twerk models are Transgenders

Mariah Honey


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23 March 2015

Surveys show highest LGBT populations are in cities out West

Tarringo Vaughan


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16 July 2014

Police say 'Memphis' the pimp, wanted in Mississippi, busted in New Orleans

Ken Daley

to read more, go to:

ezs note:  to those transgenders who have been assaulted - take heart!  You probably think that his crime will be swept under the rug.  Well, Stephen 'Memphis' Carter is IN JAIL.  It happened because a brave transgender woman told her story.  Don't be afraid to tell yours.

02 November 2013

Police: Woman in coma after illegal injections
  *more here*

ezs note:  Let's see... what do I say... no matter how much you want them, don't go near these
GOOD FOR NOTHING, VERMINOUS, CROOKS!!!   See a reputable doctor instead.

There.  I think I've made myself clear. 

09 February 2013


Still buried in snow! Yikes! Here's what's happening... Murfreesboro, Tennessee... Mountain View, California... Ume√•, Vasterbottens Lan, Sweden... Los Angeles, California... Norfolk, Virginia... Lausanne,
Vaud, Switzerland... Phoenix, Arizona... Oklahoma City, Oklahoma... New Orleans, Louisiana... Desert Hot Springs, California... West Hartford, Connecticut... Bismarck, North
Dakota... Exeter, California... Lansing, Michigan... Stony Brook, New York... Swindon, England,UK... Tel Aviv, Israel... Morgan Hill, California... Arlington, Massachusetts... Reading, Pennsylvania...
Torrance, California... Woodridge, Illinois... Arlington, Massachusetts... Manitowoc, Wisconsin... Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland... Naperville, Illinois... Raleigh, North Carolina...
Seagoville, Texas...  Austin, Texas... Dublin, Ireland... Stuart, Florida...

Woof! Woof!  Help my dear friend!  Woof!  Woof!

29 May 2012

Arson Attack on Women's Health Organization in New Orleans (


Fortunately, no one was harmed in the arson-- but the women's health organization was terribly ruined.  Please-- if you know who did this, call 1-800-577-TIPS.  Don't let this asshole get away with it!