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26 March 2018

UK - Miss Transgender UK hoping to inspire and support LGBT people in the community

Simon Leonard
Scunthorpe Telegraph

Scunthorpe, UK


27 February 2018

UK - Munroe Bergdorf: Trans model becomes Labour's LGBT adviser


House of Commons, London, UK


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25 February 2018

Cayman Islands - UK endorsing oppression of LGBTIs, says activist

Cayman News Service

Cayman Islands National Museum


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19 February 2018

26 November 2017

UK transgender rights row intensifies as book fair is cancelled (UK)

Ben Quinn, Dulcie Lee
The Guardian


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19 July 2017

Teen voted UK’s first transgender prom queen

Rebecca Wilkin
New York Post

Cardigan, Wales, UK


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11 June 2017

Donald Trump ‘will not visit UK if it leads to large demos’ (Scotland)

Gavin Cordon
The Scotsman


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ezs note:  Uh, news flash, Donald - maybe you should be equally scared of Americans protesting. (Maybe you should try Saudi Arabia.  They'll love you there.)

04 June 2017

London, UK - in memoriam


23 May 2017

06 May 2017

Southampton, UK

RMS Titanic (leaving from Southampton?)


ezs note:  Well, next on our list is Southampton, UK!  'Round the world we go!

08 April 2017

Ripon, UK


ezs note: Next we head on over to the little city of Ripon, UK!  Click on over!

02 April 2017

Trans woman dies after being stabbed in the neck in Brazil (UK)

Meka Beresford
Pink News


ezs note:  In addition reading the article, please sign the petition.

01 April 2017

Bolton, UK


ezs note:  Now it's time to visit Bolton, UK!  Hey, it's just a quick hop over the Atlantic!

29 March 2017

'I WAS LIVING A LIE' World War 2 hero comes out as transgender at the age of NINETY – and changes her name from Peter to Patricia

Brittany Vonow
The Sun

Patricia Davies


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ezs note:  Patricia - we were proud of you then - and are even more proud of you now!

25 February 2017

Many European countries won't recognize transgender people unless they're sterilized

Rick Noach
The Gazette


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Bristol, UK


ezs note:  Well, off we go across the sea to Bristol, United Kingdom!  

14 February 2017

Children at faith school 'ordered by teachers to ignore classmate because her parent is transgender' (UK)

Siobhan Henton and Dina Rickman
The Independent


ezs note:  These - ahem - "teachers", if these allegations prove true, deserve to fired immediately.  They don't deserve to head up a dog training school, never mind a school with young children.  If you live in the UK, please write or e-write the Minister of State for School Standards in the Department of Education to let them know of your extreme displeasure regarding this situation.  Thanks.