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25 September 2017

Boyertown students to appeal transgender bathroom ruling

Peter Hall
The Morning Call

two of Boyertown High's finest


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02 August 2017

Meyzeek Middle School approves transgender student bathroom policy

Thomas Novelly

Meyzeek Middle School
Louisville, KY


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13 June 2017

Group pushing to end Washington state transgender bathroom rule gets $50,000 boost

Nina Shapiro
The Seattle Times

Washington state


ezs note:  people of Washington state - if you are transgender, or have a friend, relative, or loved one who is, YOU can stop this idiotic bill.  If you have a little money, make a donation.  Talk to your friends and neighbors.  Write or e-write letters to the editor.  If you have a little talent (or even if you don't) produce something for the local public TV station.  Do something I haven't thought of (yet💆).  Whatever you do, DO IT!

17 March 2017

Kelly Herron Slams Group Using Her Attack In Anti-Transgender Bathroom Campaign

Carla Herriera
The Huffington Post


ezs note:  Thank you, Kelly!  To quote in part what you said, you're f***ing amazing.  I hope that your healing takes place soon, both physically and emotionally. 

28 February 2017

President Obama Put an All-Gender Bathroom in the White House. Trump Kept It

Zeke J Miller, Katy Steinmetz


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07 December 2016

20 October 2016

Obama appeals Texas transgender bathroom case to 5th Circuit

Lauren Mcgaughy
The Dallas Morning News


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10 October 2016

Pitt: High school transgender male got threats, fears getting beaten up in bathroom

Elizabeth Leland
The Charlotte Observer


21 September 2016

Wisconsin Transgender Student Scores Victory In School Bathroom Case

David Cole
Wisconsin Public Radio

Kenosha, Wisconsin


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29 August 2016

School asks high court to hear transgender bathroom case

Alanna Durkin Richer
San Francisco Chronicle


14 June 2016

For Transgender Boy, Bathroom Fight Just Silly

Alexa Ura
The Gilmer Mirror


03 June 2016

Transgender bathroom policy approved by Kern High School District

Jeanne Pastore
Kern Golden