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16 December 2017

Virginia Senate candidate E.W. Jackson "regrets" anti-gay rhetoric

John Riley

Chesapeake, VA


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13 November 2017

Candidate Donald Trump asked black voters: ‘What the hell do you have to lose?’ Well, apparently, judgeships.

Eugene Scott
The Washington Post


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ezs note:  If you are planning on being around Cleveland, Ohio on November 20, perhaps you'd like to participate in this.

26 March 2017

Midvale Candidate Hopes To Become Utah's First Transgender Mayor

Julia Ritchey


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10 March 2017

06 November 2016

Colorado Springs unlikely candidate

Cheyenne DeChristopher
Met Media


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ezs note:  To find more about Misty Plowright's candidacy, please press the button here.

11 August 2015

Meet Canada’s only transgender federal election candidate (Canada)

Sheena Goodyear
Yahoo! News


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25 May 2015

24 October 2014

Surrey group's anti-gay stance 'sickens' trustee candidate (Canada)

Sheila Reynolds

to read more, go to:

ezs note:  Surrey voters - election day is November 15. Help Nicole Joliet make her case!

27 August 2014

Would you support homophobia? (Peru)

Agnes Rivera

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ezs note:  Emily's Virtual Rocket has relatively few people in Peru, but those of you with friends in Peru might encourage them to make a small (or big!) donation AGAINST Mr. Pandoro in his campaign for mayor.  

09 May 2013

20 August 2012

Johnson joins GOP chorus for Missouri Senate candidate to drop out after rape remark - Larry Bivins -

*more here*

ezs note:  Granted, this is a little off-base, but please read Rep. Todd Akin's *whopper* of a flub he made yesterday.  Migawd... these guys are truly asinine!