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11 July 2018

lead story - Judge Denies Parents’ Attempt To Change Transgender Child’s Name

CBS Sacramento

Warren (OH) County Courthouse


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14 April 2018

12 April 2018

main headline - Website Designed To Help Transgender People In Florida Change Name And Gender Marker

William Daffron


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ezs note:  If you are presently living in the state of Florida (you must have lived there at least six [6] months) this guide may be of help.  It's good to be of use, anyway.  Please let me know how good this guide actually is. You will find the guide at this hotlink.

30 March 2018

civil rights - Transgender Ohioans Sue for Right to Change Birth Certificates

Matt Reynolds
Courthouse News Service



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27 January 2018

Across U.S., LGBTQ Christians try to change hearts and minds from the pews

Julie Compton
NBC News

Biola University


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01 November 2017

World Rugby’s transgender policies are discriminatory, and this student is fighting to change them

Lindsay Gibbs


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18 August 2017

08 June 2017

20 February 2017

20 January 2017

02 November 2016

14 September 2016

Indiana won't let transgender man change name

Stephanie Wang

Gee, is this the judge?


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04 June 2016

A historic transgender change in Sask. (Canada)

Theresa Simon
Moose Jaw Times Herald

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ezs note:  As much as we tend our focus on New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto or Montreal, this is NOT where all the action is!  Sometimes little Kelliher (pop. 368) does the trick!  No matter where you live, you can make the difference - if you've got the guts to say your peace.

Transgender Oscar Smith High student wants Chesapeake schools to change policies

Mike Connors
The Virginian-Pilot


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24 February 2016

Transgender activist sues state over refusal to change gender on birth certificate

Bryan Lowry /
Wichita Eagle


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15 February 2016

06 January 2016

Beauty queen hopeful launches campaign to change the rules about transgender (UK)

Siofra Brennan
Daily Mail

Gateshead, UK