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18 March 2017

24 February 2017

Of course CPAC fawned over President Donald Trump. They helped create him

Kate Aronoff
The Guardian


28 December 2016

Potty parade: Toilets lined up outside N.C. official’s house create amusing mystery

Ann Doss Helms
Charlotte Observer


ezs note:  Toilets of the world, unite!  You have nothing to lose but your poop!

26 March 2016

Foes: Kansas bills create 'bounty' on transgender students



please press:

ezs note:  Kansans - please call or e-mail your state representative AND state senator to tell them how stupid this bill is.  Better yet, SHOW UP.

13 February 2016

19 January 2016

Five Suggestions to Create a Transgender-Inclusive Workplace

Taylor E. Whitten /
The National Law Review


05 November 2015

18 May 2015

Alleged homophobic remarks from city manager prompts Riverdale employee to create activist group

Cailin O’Brien


please press:

19 March 2014


I'm interested in how people create themselves.  All artists do it. I told a lot of visual artists that I was doing this play and they said, "That fascinates me - how do we do that, how we become our art."

    - Edward Albee