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17 May 2017

Transgender advocate from Georgia who took on judge dies

Kimberley Richardson


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ezs note:  Rest in peace, Rowan...

02 April 2017

Trans woman dies after being stabbed in the neck in Brazil (UK)

Meka Beresford
Pink News


ezs note:  In addition reading the article, please sign the petition.

19 January 2017

Virginia transgender bathroom bill dies in committee without debate



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06 December 2016

David Mack Henderson, Fort Worth gay activist, dies

Judy Wiley and Anna Tinsley

David Mack Henderson


ezs note:  He worked to make Texas fair for everyone.  Rest in peace, David...

25 November 2016

Broadway and TV Star Florence Henderson Dies at 82

Robert Viagas

Florence Henderson


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ezs note:  Besides being best known as Carol in The Brady Bunch, she was also known as being a fierce advocate for LGBT people.  Rest in peace, Florence.

03 October 2016

Atlanta trans pioneer Cheryl Courtney-Evans dies

Matt Hennie
Project Q Atlanta

Cheryl Courtney-Evans

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ezs note:  What an amazing life!  Rest in peace, Cheryl...

08 September 2016

29 May 2016

Burlington Police: Transgender man dies from injuries



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If you have any information regarding this murder, please call the Burlington (Vermont) police department at 802-658-2704.  Thank you very much.

Rest in peace, Mr. Beede.

26 March 2016

Transgender woman dies after undergoing illegal backstreet bum implant surgery (Ireland)

Natalie Evans
Irish Mirror


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ezs note:  Go ahead.  Take a second look.  Maybe - if you're "lucky" - you'll wind up with a horribly disfigured body.  If you're not so lucky, you'll wind up dead. Don't let these charlatans take your money AND your life!!!

22 March 2016

Transgender bathroom bill dies in Tennessee House committee



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ezs note:  Thank you, Tennessee!!

21 March 2016

Transgender birth certificate bill dies in Legislature

Peter Marcus
The Durango Herald


02 March 2016

22-Year-Old Transgender Woman Dies After Ingesting 'Suicide Seeds' Purchased Online for $5: 'I Watched My Kid Die,' Says Mom

Rose Minutaglio


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ezs note:  Friends, please remember that there is help out there!  One thing you can do is to see a reputable psychologist or psychiatrist.  For more immediate help, call National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or use the website at

07 December 2015

Holly Woodlawn, Transgender Star of 1970s Underground Films, Dies at 69

William Grimes
The New York Times


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ezs note:  Rest in peace, Ms Goodlawn...

16 October 2015

Transgender woman dies after being shot between Montgomery County shopping centers

Daily Reporter


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ezs note: Please, if you have any information regarding this killing, and you live or travel through Montgomery County, contact the police at 1-866-411-TIPS(8477) immediately!!!

Rest in peace, Zella...

18 May 2015

Woman Dies After Stabbing Inside Abandoned North Philadelphia House

 Vince Lattanzio

ezs note:  Rest in peace...

20 March 2014

Westboro church founder Fred Phelps dies

Daniel Burke

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ezs note:  It's just my opinion, but other than news of his death, Phelps should be UTTERLY forgotten.  He comes as close to a genuine Nazi as Adolf Hitler and his like, and should be treated as such.  (And no, I do NOT use the term lightly.)  If I were his undertaker, I wouldn't even bother with a tiny marker.  So there.