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12 March 2017

09 November 2016

Speaker shows how to treat the transgender community

Melvin Mendez


16 April 2016

Cirque du Soleil cancels shows over transgender law (Malta)

Times of Malta


09 September 2014

26 percent of transgender voters in Alabama could be shut out by photo ID law, study shows

Leada Gore

to read more, go to;

ezs note:  So ya think that voting doesn't matter?  THINK AGAIN.  If you live in Alabama, have friends who live there, or know allies who live there, make sure they read the article above.  That's why voting is important!

05 July 2014

Graphic video shows transgender woman being attacked

Carol Sbarge

*** click HERE for more ***

ezs note: If you live, work, or travel through Atlanta, and you believe you have seen some of the video in person, contact the police IMMEDIATELY!!! Don't let this vermin run free!

04 June 2014

Anti-Violence Report Shows Decline In Reporting Survivors - A More Tolerant Michigan Not The Case

A.J. Trager

*** click HERE for more **

ezs note:  If you are a transgender woman or man, and you are being battered, don't wait for things to "get better".  Call the police NOW.

09 June 2013

Israeli model shows LGBT support with urinal photo


26 May 2013