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17 December 2017

Kenya - Kenya to conduct trial on new HIV prevention drug

Elizabeth Merab
Daily Nation


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07 August 2017

Trial of man charged with 2012 fatal stabbing of transgender woman at D.C. bus stop

Keith L. Alexander
The Washington Post

JaParker Deoni Jones


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ezs note:  Granted, it's been over five years, but if you have any more evidence as to how Gary Montgomery killed JaParker Deoni Jones, it would really be helpful. Call the DC police at 202-727-0500. (Hate Crimes Hotline)

08 February 2017

Man bound for trial in shooting of transgender woman

Oralander Brand-Williams
The Detroit News


18 May 2016

Large-scale HIV vaccine trial to launch in South Africa

National Institutes of Health


please press:

ezs note:  We have to be careful - after all, it won't be until 2020 that we receive the results - but it could be that this vaccine is promising.  In the meantime, please use medicines that are useful NOW.

22 November 2010

Transgender Puerto Rican woman’s alleged murderer to stand trial (Edge New England) (Yes!)

To Ms. Ocasio:

I know that the loss of your daughter might not be one that you will heal from. I hope that in some small way that the man being brought to justice will help. Please know that we all care for you, even though we might not know you personally.

Warmest regards,


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