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17 November 2017

Donald Trump believes women (when it is politically beneficial to him)

Clayton Purdom
The A.V. Club


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ezs note:  If you are going to be in Rochester, New York on December 1, you might find this helpful.

30 July 2017

Long before transgender was a word, women posed as men to serve in the army

Bonnie Tsui
Los Angeles Times

drawing of Robert Shurtleff


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16 January 2017

Millennial women opposed to Trump take to streets, many for the first time (Kenya)

The Star / Kenya


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12 December 2016

20 Worst Moments for Women in 2016

Prachi Gupta


ezs note:  It's at the end of the end of the article, (number 20) but transgender women should pay particular attention.

21 October 2016

Women, LGBT urged to fight bigotry (Philippines)

Llanesca T. Panti
The Manila Times


02 July 2015

07 June 2015

27 April 2015

Two transgender women talk about transition, stigma

Melissa Swan



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16 April 2015

Gillian Anderson is co-writing a self-help guide for women

Kayla Kumari Upadhyaya

A.V. Club


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09 March 2015

Padge Victoria Windslowe guilty: How she performed illegal butt injections to thousands of women

ezs note:  Y'know what? GOOD!  Ms. Winslowe may have given us all the claptrap about how "good" her "skills" were, but the only place she'll do it now is in the pen.  Rest in peace, Claudia.