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27 November 2015

WHS Teacher: Transgender Students Need to Feel Safe

Susan Miller


19 August 2015

Kansas City police investigating run over fatality of transgender woman


Tamara Dominguez


please press:

ezs note:  Sadly, Tamara Dominguez has been murdered.  If you live in the Kansas City, Missouri area or travel through there, and have any information about the incident, please call the Kansas City  police department at 816-234-5111.  Thank you.

Rest in peace, Ms. Dominguez... 

02 July 2015

13 June 2015

11 November 2014

Rollins: As gays gear up, where are Springfield leaders?

Jess Rollins

to read more, go to:

ezs note:  Wherever official meetings are being held, don't be absent and don't be silent! Your knees may shake a little, but not as much as the "officials"!

20 August 2012