15 May 2013

Whitman-Walker Honors Advocates
John Riley

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LGBT exists in church, panel says

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Danielle And Cathleen Kaufman, Married Couple, Discuss How They Both Came Out Of Closet
 Glennisha Morgan

Gay Men, Lesbians Differ on LGBT-Friendly Corporate Policies, Advertising
Erik Sass

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UN promises a free and equal world for gays
Omar Kuddus

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14 May 2013

LGBT community fumes, says transgender no disease

Sukanya Shantha

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Dancer takes beauty contest by storm as first transgender finalist

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Outsider life of transgender community captured by Ce Ce's murder: Christopher Evans
Christopher Evans

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ezs note:   You may think I'm playing a very broken record, but I don't give a flying fart.  The murder of Ce Ce Dove may have been solved, but others remain unsolved.  If you know it, REPORT IT!!!
State Department Issues Reminder for Transgender Insurance Coverage

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Assembly Passes Transgender Hate Crime Bill
Caroline Bleakley

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11 May 2013

Torrance, California

Credit: www.cwtrials-shop.com

Oh, the weather outside is... well, kinda cloudy... here's what's happening... Torrance, California... Costa Mesa, California...Mesa, Arizona... Ambler, Pennsylvania...Wesley Chapel, Florida... Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan... Oakland, California... Milton, New Hampshire... Moscow, Moscow City, Russia... Jeddah,
Makkah, Saudi Arabia... Providence, Utah... West Hartford, Connecticut... Naperville, Illinois... Stony Brook, New York... Hamburg, Germany... Sterling Heights, Michigan... Caldwell, New Jersey... Buffalo, New York.... Philadelphia, Pennsylvania... Owings, Maryland... Rocklin, California... Seattle, Washington...
Pardubice, Pardubicky Kraj, Czech Republic...  Athens, Attiki, Greece... Mountain View, California... Las Vegas, Nevada... Norman, Oklahoma...Santa Ana, California...Omaha, Nebraska...Hickory, North Carolina...

Hey, c'mon, you can dance between the raindrops to get to the mailbox!



10 May 2013


Recently, I was watching C-SPAN, when the announcer said that the next caller was from my town.  Wow, I said, that's great.

Now it gets really spooky.

The caller was not only from my town, but from my building! One floor up! We said hi and how are you whenever we saw each other.  (By the way, the town we live in is quite sizable - about 63,000)

The point is this:  The man I know is not rich.  He is not famous.  He lives in a subsidized apartment.  But he knows how to make himself HEARD.  And so he did, quite eloquently, I might add.

Now I am asking to make yourself heard.  E-mail or snailmail your Congressperson.  If an issue comes up that is dear to your heart, call your TV or radio station   If your Congresspersson has a town hall meeting, show up and SPEAK UP.

As many of you know, the issue that is near and dear to my heart is FULL marriage rights to those who seek them, whether heterosexual, gay, lesbian, or transgender.  I hope you support these too.  But without a vote and a voice, these opinions become almost meaningless.  Don't let that happen to you.

Milton, New Hampshire - Carol Shea-Porter (D) - NH1
Providence, Utah - Rob Bishop (R) - UT1
Naperville, Illinois - Peter Roskam(R) - IL6
Stony Brook, New York - Tim Bishop (D) - NY1
Sterling Heights, Michigan - Candice S. Miller (R) -- MI10
Caldwell, New Jersey - Rodney Frelinghuysen (R) - NJ11
Buffalo, New York - Brian Higgins (D) - NY26
Oakland, California - Barbara Lee (D) - CA13
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Allyson Y. Schwartz (D) - PA13
Owings, Maryland - Steny Hoyer (D) - MD5

The preceding districts were picked at random using the Internet.  To find out what your district is, enter your ZIP code is in www.house.gov.  For towns or cities that intersect, the ZIP+4 would be most helpful.  (example: 12345 - 6789)  Thanks.

05 May 2013

Rally For Transgender Rights At Saskatoon Bridal Shop - http://updatednews.ca/


Credit:  cygnismedia.com

Just when you thought things were OK... they're not... If you've been expecting new and exciting blogs, fear not.  I will be getting a new computer tomorrow.  'Til then, I'll put new material in until the old machine croaks.  Bye!

28 April 2013

Sure, we believe in freedom... as long as you're a robot...

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As I've gone along, I've considered the idea of "freedom" to a larger and more expansive extent.  Whether we are considering freedom to an extent which is wealthier or poorer, there is one axiomatic, indelible fact:  when you consider yourself different, sooner or later, you WILL be blamed, hated, ridiculed or misunderstood.  And if you live in one of the freer states now, wait'll you get sent down to Alabama, Arizona, Texas, or (god forbid) Mississippi. 

27 April 2013

Moscow, Russia

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At last, the computer's working!  Here's what's happening... Moscow, Moscow City, Russia...   Costa Mesa, California... Madison, Wisconsin... Stony Brook, New York... San Diego,
California...  Harrisburg, Pennsylvania... The Dalles, Oregon... West Hartford, Connecticut... Kingston, Saint Andrew, Jamaica... Seattle, Washington... Segovia, Castilla y Leon, Spain... Launceston,
Tasmania... Orangeburg, South Carolina... Orlando, Florida... Holland, Michigan... Los Angeles, California... Poplar Grove, Illinois... Norman, Oklahoma... Mountain View, California...Poznan,
Wielkopolskie, Poland... Cote D'Ivoire, Ivory Coast... Auckland, New Zealand... Perth, Western Australia, Australia... Berlin, Germany...Miami Beach, Florida... Akron, Ohio... Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania... Eaton, Ohio... Fort Lee, New Jersey... Bekasi, Jawa Barat, Poland...  Endicott, New York... Dammam, Ash Sharqiyah, Saudi Arabia... Beaumont, Texas... Sunnyvale, California... Odense, Denmark...  



24 April 2013

Chile Transgender Man Becomes Nation's First To Give Birth: Report - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/

Idaho Revises Requirements for Gender Markers on Driver's Licenses - Sunnvie Brydum - http://www.advocate.com/

Transgender People Unite! Day of Empowerment and the Fight in Royal Oak - Crystal A. Proxmire -http://www.pridesource.com/

Transgender teen wants to be Pa. prom king - http://www.bellinghamherald.com/


As you may know, a minority of sleazebags succeeded in defeating the Senate's gun bill.  For those who support it, it's easy to become depressed.  I urge you to stay the course.  To those who voted against the bill, let them know that their days are definitely numbered.  To those who supported the bill, let them know that this is not a time to be faint of heart.  It is time to fight, and ultimately to win.

To paraphrase Winston Churchill, never, never, never, ever surrender.  We lose too many innocent lives DAILY to gunfire.  Please, please, don't give up!

23 April 2013

poetry #1

Entries such as these have been rare for me since my stroke.  Last week, I picked up a volume entitled "Modern American Poetry". I've really dug the poems, but most especially those of Lyn Hejinian, whose stream-of-consciousness poetics struck a chord for me.  No, not every one will like this.  If stream-of-consciousness really suit your style,well, seek another poet.  But if you like Lyn, I hope you'll like this too.  Enjoy! (PS - feel free to lend your thoughts in the "comments" section.)

The soil did not stand; it blew away.  Last night I turned, nuzzled your roughening cheek.  The things I knew, I do not know.  It is time.  I insert the token into the T.  Let the game be Monopoly.  The music is played upon a viola. There is no sound.  The woman from Spain swung her maracas about. Stubby fields bind but do not break.  He cast aside the thronE.  A poem writ large and confusing.  His pubic hair rests between my fingers, gently.  We are comfortable, lying near the dune.  The Appalachian mountains are high, forbidding.  We are alone.  The feet of the tiny dogs go clickclackclickclackclickclack.  My pocketbook was laying about.  A silver earring came off, laying next to me.  How many miles is it to Traherne?  My knees ache and scar from your mounting of me.  The sparrow's wings are so lovely.  Sorry, sir, your money has no value here.  Swords drawn, we fought the wild fauna.  The bartender gave a cup to the tired man.  The name others gave me is not the name I gave to myself.  The trees, the knotty ones, are set to be cut down.  We rub each other, gasping.  My head arches back, digging into the old Indian blanket.  A ghost comes near to me, smiling.  We peer far ahead, seeing a tiny empty church.  The rain starts as mist, ends as torrential downpour.  His arms touch my shoulderblades.  It is love.  Or not.  Either way, I am sated, sated.


you are sleepy... VERY sleepy...

The bad news is that my computer is on the fritz.  The good news is that I probably get it back very soon, possibly today.  I'll keep you up to date tomorrow.

The other regards my second favorite city, Boston.  It's been a very rough patch of days.  But I KNOW you'll make it through!


Duke to offer health insurance coverage for transgender students - Matt Comer - http://goqnotes.com/

13 April 2013

Movie time!

About 15 years ago there was a Belgian movie entitled Ma Vie en Rose (My Life in Pink).  (Outstanding movie, by the way; catch it if you can)  There was one scene in particular in which Ludovic, a transgender girl takes a boy into a bathroom to prove to him that she's really a girl.  What really did a double take was the fact that the  bathroom was just that - a bathroom, not a boys room or a girls room. Separate bathrooms were just a silly nuisance and an exorbitant expense.  (Funny how Tea Partiers will slash and burn on one front, but insist on separate bathrooms - maybe if we squat over a trench...)

06 April 2013


First day of April!  Here's what's happening... Williamsburg, Virginia... San Diego, California... London, England, UK... Saitama, Japan...  Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio... Hialeah, Florida... Morgan Hill, California... Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, England, UK... Manchester Township, New

Jersey... Libertyville, Illinois... Mountain View, California... Mumbai, Maharashtra, India... Larne, Northern Ireland, UK... Dennison, Minnesota