07 July 2014

How Bad Media Coverage Makes Things Worse for Transgender Victims of Violence

Nicole Pasulka

Don Carrigan remembers Charlie Howard's death


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Writer David Levithan on LGBT books for the young

Leanne Italie

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Anna University admits transgender in (English) course (India)


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ezs note: Good luck, Grace!

Voices Of Trans* Pride Seattle 2014

John O'Brien

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Happy birthday, Mom!

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06 July 2014

Civilities: Do I introduce my child as my transgender son or daughter?


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Video: Sikh parents urge people to accept their gay children

Nick Duffy

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Sofia Gay Pride march chased away from Vasil Levski monument (Bulgaria)


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ezs note:  Here in the United States and in various places around the globe, Pride Day is celebrated, in cities big and hamlets small, in relative peace.  Sad to say, Bulgaria is not such a place.  I urge you to contact President Rosen Plevneliev to redouble the police force next year.  Thanks!

Laverne Cox, Ellen DeGeneres, Tom Daley Top World Pride Power List


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Denmark: Copenhagen quietly renames city centre ‘Rainbow Square’ (UK)

Nick Duffy

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05 July 2014

Bias against gays: It's bad for business — and us all

Angela Hughey

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Swedish Ice Hockey team unveils new Pride-themed kit (UK)

Nick Duffy

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Op-ed: AGT Seems to Believe Trans People Are Inherently Disgusting and Hilarious


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Revellers cram Madrid in top Pride parade (Pakistan)

Muhammad Iqbal

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Graphic video shows transgender woman being attacked

Carol Sbarge

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ezs note: If you live, work, or travel through Atlanta, and you believe you have seen some of the video in person, contact the police IMMEDIATELY!!! Don't let this vermin run free!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Credit: upload.wikimedia.com

04 July 2014

Boston City Council’s Commission on the Status of Black Men and Boys

Justin Nash

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Native Gays Celebrated at West Hollywood Intertribal Pow Wow

Diego James Robles

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Tony Perkins: Obama is ‘exporting’ homosexuality around the world (UK)

Nick Duffy

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Terry Mattingly: Hope and division during the Anglican wars

Terry Mattingly

Vietnam Activists Regroup After Failure of Same-Sex Marriage Bid

Marianne Brown

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To all my friends in the USA, happy 4th of July!

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03 July 2014

Equal Rights Ordinance Opponents Submit 50K Signatures for Public Vote

Brandon De Hoyos

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ezs note: The people of Houston are good and decent folk, but they are woefully misinformed by the likes of "Reverend" Max Miller.  Please - lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, and allies - tell them courteously what the "transgender agenda" is really all about.  Like peeing.

Reeling from killings, trans community calls for understanding

Kevin Tsukii

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Quamar Edwards, suspect in transgender woman's slaying, turns self in


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ezs note:  It certainly is a terrible thing that he did, but Quamar Edwards certainly did the right thing by turning himself in.  If you have committed a felony, do the right thing and turn yourself in.  Remember, police all over this world are looking for you... and so are we.  

02 July 2014

Thailand: Major newspaper ‘parody’ describes gang-rape of LGBT activist and politician (UK)

Joe Lo

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ezs note:  If there is justice - any amount of justice at all - these "comedians" will be fired, posthaste. 

Desert cities proclaim LGBT equality, Transgender Day

Will Dean

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Africans! "wake up" and work to avoid "sinful" Western aid, says Uganda's president (UK)

Mike Pflanz

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ezs note:  Yes, President Museveni, I'm quite sure McDonald's hamburgers are the seed of the spawn of Satan...

On the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act

Max Rosenblum and Rabbi David Saperstein

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Arkansas Transgender Leader Speaks at Summer of Conversation Event

Andrea Zekis

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01 July 2014

Anti-gay group plans Salt Lake conference in 2015

Lisa Schencker

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US: Austin transwoman denied service at lingerie shop (UK)

Katie Dupere

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Family Values: Corn Syrup for the Mind

Katy St. Clair

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Marcus Brandon a voice for equality in NC


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Minimum wage increases to $9 and other new laws for California July 1, 2014


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ezs note:  If you live in California or were born there, see item number 8. 

Why I'm not voting for Dannel Malloy - and why I don't think you should either

Two words - Jane Doe.

When I voted in 2010, let me say up front that Dannel Malloy was not my first choice.  However, he seemed like a decent enough guy, so I voted for him anyway.  Over the years, I had my occasional pet peeves with him - but then again, who doesn't?  I voted for Barack  Obama twice, yet on occasion he'll do something that I regard as boneheaded.  I like what the late Ed Koch had to say on the subject:  "If you agree with me on nine out of twelve issues, vote for me.  If you agree with me on twelve out of twelve issues, see a psychiatrist."

Yes, there are blunders.  But then there are mind-numbing, jaw-dropping, super-blunders.  And these deserve our immediate attention.

For those of you not in the know, Jane Doe (not her real name since Jane is underage) is a transgender teenage female.  Simply put, her life has been crap.  Not "my daddy won't let me shop at Izod" type of crap.  I'm talking Mommy shooting heroin type of crap.  You get the picture.

She winds up going from place to place once her mother is found unfit, until she is found to be a "problem child" (!) So they do what any responsible caregiver would do.  They haul her ass to prison.  She didn't have to commit any prisonable offense.  Being "bitchy" is good enough for them, thank you.

She stayed in prison for three months. 

What, you say, is their problem? Didn't anybody shout from the rooftops?

Oh, yes, people knew.  Dannel Malloy knew.  Joette Katz (director of Department of Children and Families) knew.  They just didn't say anything.

While Jane Doe sat in prison, Malloy and Katz dithered.  Ultimately Jane Doe was released, but not until a horrific experience.

Malloy would have us believe that the system worked.  I'm sorry, governor, but it didn't.  The Orwellian system hasn't changed a bit.  Joette Katz works breezily along, destroying children and families as she goes.
You see, this isn't a transgender issue.  This isn't an LGBT issue.  This is an issue for every troubled child who is unsure where she or he will wind up.  In short, you aren't doing your job.

And that is why I won't be voting for you, Governor Malloy.

30 June 2014

Supreme Court clears ban on gay conversion therapy

Lisa Leff

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ezs note: Apart from the universal acceptance of gay marriage, this may be the most significant ruling by the Supreme Court. Even Justices Thomas and Scalia called it crap.  Another quack bites the dust!

It’s A Celebration! The Best Pics From Pride Parades Around The Nation


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Medicaid Doesn't Cover Transgender Health Care in New York—Yet.

Nicole Pasulka

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US: Supreme Court rules that religious freedom applies to businesses (UK)

Nick Duffy

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Anti-discrimination task force reports back to council

Thomas Gounley

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29 June 2014

Punjab to comply with Supreme Court directions on transgender welfare (India)


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1.5 Million People Attend 44th Annual Pride Parade in San Francisco


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Obama takes gay rights global, despite an uncertain welcome


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Catholics march in Pride Parade: 'This is all about justice'

Manya Brachear Pashman

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Thousands turn out for Istanbul gay parade (Australia)


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28 June 2014

27 June 2014

LGBTQ communities speak out after person found shot to death

Emily Wood

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ezs note:  Sadly another transgender woman was murdered today, this time in Cincinnati.  If you live or work in the greater Cincinnati area, and you have information about Tiff Edwards' murder (original name: DeAndre Edwards) please notify the police IMMEDIATELY!!! Or call Crimestoppers at 513-352-3040.