27 September 2014

Controversial activist named head of Equality Utah

Marissa Lang and Robert Gehrke

to read more, go to:  http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/politics/58459325-90/williams-utah-equality-gay.html.csp

Barney Frank opens up on politics and married life

Patrick Saunders

to read more, go to:  http://thegavoice.com/barney-frank-opens-life-politics-married-life/

Editorial: Eric Holder's legacy


to read more, go to:  http://www.trentonian.com/opinion/20140927/editorial-eric-holders-legacy

Palm Springs ‘Political Pop Up’ draws hundreds

Sherry Barkas

to read more, go to:  http://www.desertsun.com/story/news/politics/2014/09/27/political-pop-election/16348343/

Del. school board member opposes teaching definition of gay

Lomira, Wisconsin

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26 September 2014

What the Federal Government Can do to Improve LGBT Health

Sean Cahill

to read more, go to:  http://www.therainbowtimesmass.com/2014/09/26/federal-government-can-improve-lgbt-health/

UN Rights Council: Landmark Resolution on Anti-Gay Bias

Suicide Prevention Month: Because One Life Lost Is Too Many

Nathan M. Schaefer

to read more, go to:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/nathan-m-schaefer/suicide-prevention-month-_b_5882834.html

ezs note:  I know that things really suck sometimes - - but there really  is help!!  Look for a competent psychologist or psychiatrist.

EEOC files first-ever lawsuits on behalf of transgender workers

First Comes Love

Lewis Whittington

to read more, go to:  http://www.edgeonthenet.com/entertainment/books/165463/first_comes_love

25 September 2014

Vigil To Honor Murdered Trans Women Hopes To Find Political Allies

Homelessness among youths on the rise, lawmakers told


to read more, go to:  http://www.benningtonbanner.com/region/ci_26602900/homelessness-among-youths-rise-lawmakers-told

ACLU wants to file brief in Miss. same-sex divorce case

Op-ed: Remembering the AIDS Crisis as a Gay Trans Man in a Double-Closet

Malaysia urged to stop transgender arrests

24 September 2014

Letter: Hassan strong on civil rights


to read more, go to:  http://www.concordmonitor.com/opinion/13677212-95/letter-hassan-strong-on-civil-rights

'Erase Hate' movement heads to Del. beaches

Joe Irizarry

to read more, go to:  http://www.wdel.com/story.php?id=62887

‘Queering Duke History’ exhibit grand opening slated for Thursday

IOC adds anti-discrimination clause to Olympic host city contract

Our transgender child

23 September 2014

Central Michigan University earns magazine's diversity award

Lindsay Knake

to read more, go to:  http://www.mlive.com/news/saginaw/index.ssf/2014/09/central_michigan_university_ea.html

Officers making it okay to be gay (UK)

Beren Cross

to read more, go to:  http://www.thisiswiltshire.co.uk/NEWs/11488593.Officers_making_it_okay_to_be_gay/

Midtown Ponce brings back that ol’ tired complaint of violent trans prostitutes

Minneapolis tweaks city code to allow gender neutral restrooms

State Senator Announces 'I'm Gay. Get Over It.' During Push For LGBT Hate Crimes Bill

Sara Bondioli

22 September 2014

Vancouver LGBT leader Jim Deva dies, leaving a community in mourning (Canada)

The moment I knew I was LGBT: Whisper users reveal their time of self-discovery

Striking Black-And-White Portraits Shed Light On Bangladesh's Third Gender

Katherine Brooks

to read more, go to:   http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/09/22/hijras_n_5839324.html?ir=Arts

Prosecutors Nolle Assault Charge Against Transgender Girl; Stems From Fight Among Four Girls at DCF's Pueblo Unit July 12

Lena Dunham Is Producing a Documentary About an L.G.B.T.Q. Bespoke Tailor in Brooklyn for HBO

Karrie Cornell

to read more, go to:  http://www.vanityfair.com/style/2014/09/lena-dunham-lgbtq-tailor

21 September 2014

A stage to call our own (Thailand)


to read more, go to: http://www.nationmultimedia.com/life/A-stage-to-call-our-own-30243724.html

Clementi family become advocates after suicide


to read more, go to:  http://fox11online.com/2014/09/21/clementi-family-become-advocates-after-suicide/

Ireland is On Track to Finally Honor Human Rights for Trans People

Brazil: Schoolboys wear skirts in protest after trans girl fined for wearing female uniform (UK)

India gets first transgender news anchor months after third gender legally recognised (UK)

20 September 2014

Conference goal is transgender acceptance

Jill Callison

to read more, go to:  http://www.argusleader.com/story/news/2014/09/20/conference-goal-transgender-acceptance/15943183/

City Council Chair Praises Farina On Gay-Friendly Education Initiatives

‘I want to tell stories that matter’ (India)

LGBT-friendly housing will transform activist's childhood home in Washington


to read more, go to:  http://readingeagle.com/article/20140920/AP/309209709/1010

Barring anti-gay discrimination tenuous in Capitol

Centreville, Virginia

Credit:  http://civilwartalk.com

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19 September 2014

Public Awareness Campaign to Help Prevent Campus Sexual Assault Includes LGBT Youth

Hayley Miller

to read more, go to:  http://www.hrc.org/blog/entry/public-awareness-campaign-to-help-prevent-campus-sexual-assault-includes-lg

ezs note:  This is a travesty, nothing but.  64 PERCENT  of our transgender sisters and brothers are sexually assaulted!!!  The only we can heal is to talk.  In the United States,  the National Sexual Assault Hotline is:

Newton Aldermen vote to protect transgender people

Jim Morrison

to read more, go to:  http://newton.wickedlocal.com/article/20140918/NEWS/140916172

Transgender teen crowned Homecoming King at Texas high school

Turkey: Trans journalist fired from television station (UK)

John DeLamar

to read more, go to:  http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2014/09/19/turkey-trans-journalist-fired-from-television-station/

Transgender teen 'disgusted' after being laughed at by Woolworths employee (Australia)

18 September 2014

StageQ Tackles the Transgender Experience in 'Standards of Care'

Film explores lives of transgender youth (Canada)

YOU can do your part!

Credit:  http://www.chrismadden.co.uk

TODAY is the day, ladies and gentlemen.  THE day. Scotland will take one of two paths: They will either form a completely independent state, or stay unified with Great Britain.  It would be roughly akin to New England deciding to separate from the rest of the Union.  Yeah -- it's that big.

Now, with me not having any Scottish blood in me veins, (that I know of) logically, I shouldn't be that interested.  But, shoot, I am!  But what interests me the most is not whether the vote will be yes or no, rather it is the huge mass of people who are determined to vote.  It's estimated that it will be 100 percent!

Now, it might not be exactly 100 percent - a smattering of Scots will intend to vote, but somehow will get waylaid .  But the figure of 99.9 is certainly not a dreamy wish.

Now let us consider the United States of America.  The votes we give are certainly shameful.  Hell, if we show a vote of 90 percent, we'd throw a huge party.  

But what can you do?  Plenty.  Whether you nudge a candidate over the top, or lose by a fraction, you still did your part.  But this ain't no horse race.  This is a grueling triathlon, and you've got to hang in there.  The more people - lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, and allies - hang in for the LONG haul, the happier we will be.