02 January 2015

01 January 2015

Happy New Year's... ehhhhh...

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So, it's New Year's Day.  Yay.

Basically, there are two types of people in this world.  The first type are the enthusiasts. They leave the house at around six o'clock (or earlier), are one of the earliest to arrive in the city, and would not think of partying without a party hat.  Come midnight, they toot their horn and drink the champagne. Hardcore enthusiasts know all the words to "Auld Lang Syne".  The next day, enthusiasts watch football.  Lots and lots and lots of football.

Thank you, but I'll pick door number two.

It's not that I hate New Year's Day (though there are certainly those about).  I just find it exhausting, and not worth my time and energies.  Last night, I glanced up at the clock, saw that it was two minutes past twelve, said "Oh, it's 2015..." and continued watching "House Of Cards".

However, there is one thing - just one thing - I'd like for you to do.  E-write your congressperson, senator, state senator, state congressperson or city/town council.  Most importantly, don't put it off.

Happy New Year's!

Louisiana’s image might improve in 2015 and beyond

The Town Talk

please press:  http://www.thetowntalk.com

Scotland witness maiden same-sex weddings (India)

The Echo of India

please press:  http://echoofindia.com

Push to improve access to medical treatment for transgender people (Australia)

Margaret Paul 
ABC (Australia)

please press:  http://www.abc.net.au

Publix To Offer Same-Sex Marriage Benefits


please press:  http://wabe.org

Beyond marriage, challenges ahead for gay rights groups


please press:  http://wane.com

31 December 2014

Here's the list - end of 2014

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Here are the top 25 words/ combinations of all time:

1.  transgender
2.  gay
4. lesbian
5. bisexual
6. transgender woman
7. rights
8. discrimination
9. woman
10. trans
11. people
12. community
13. gender
14. bill
15. gender identity
16. California
17. law
18. equality
19. police
20. transgender people
21. first (tied)
21. marriage (tied)
23. support
24. transsexual
25. against (tied)
25. group (tied)

Athletes and Ambassadors in 2014

Huffington Post

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please press:  http://www.towleroad.com

The Birth of a New Civil Rights Movement

Politico Magazine

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Man Charged In Alleged Exorcism Involving Woman

Michael Allen
Opposing Views

please press:  http://www.opposingviews.com

Leelah Alcorn’s Transgender Suicide Sparks ‘Leelah’s Law’ Petition To Ban Conversion Therapy

International Business Times

please press:  http://www.ibtimes.com

ezs note:  You can switch over to change.com by accessing it in the first paragraph.  If you have not done so yet, please e-write the President, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid.  C'mon, it only takes a minute - and it may save a life.

30 December 2014

Scottish First minister's video message welcomes equal marriage (UK/Scotland)


please press:  http://www.ekklesia.co.uk

Transgender Symposium Planned at Eisenhower


please press:  http://patch.com

Queen bestows New Year Honours on LGBT rights trailblazers (UK)

Arrest made in killing of transgender woman shot in head


please press:  http://pix11.com

ezs note:  GOOD. Let's hope that the suspect, if convicted, never sees the outside of a jail cell again.

Transgender teen: 'My death needs to mean something'

Sharon Coolidge

The Cincinnati Enquirer

please press:  http://www.usatoday.com

ezs note:  Please, please, please, if life seems worthless, get help now.  Your worldwide family loves you and needs you.

28 December 2014

The Death Of The Transphobic "Bathroom Bill" Myth?

Media Matters for America

please press:  http://mediamatters.org

Project aims to place more homeless youths in private housing

Tony Briscoe
Chicago Tribune

please press:  http://www.chicagotribune.com

Scholar Won't Stop Fighting Alleged Transphobia, Loss of Housing

Mitch Kellaway
The Advocate

please press:  http://www.advocate.com

Transgender military veterans at greater risk of suicide

Science Codex

please press:  http://www.sciencecodex.com

When Albert met Ann: 'Ridiculous' marriage laws force transgender divorce (Australia)

The Age

please press:  http://www.theage.com.au

27 December 2014

Detroit LGBTQ community mourns passing of transgender man

Gretchen Rachel Blickensderfer
Windy City Media Group

please press:  http://www.windycitymediagroup.com

Five candidates for ‘Briton of the Year’ who are not Nigel Farage (UK)

The Rapes No One Speaks About (India)

Nupur Sonar

please press:  http://www.tehelka.com

Former Tucson Mayor Miller dies

Casa Grande Dispatch

please press:  http://www.trivalleycentral.com

ezs note:  Rest in peace, Mayor Miller.  You were a champion.  You were a friend.

Bob looked at my soul – not my sex or gender


please press:  http://blog.timesunion.com

Avon, Connecticut

Credit:  http://www.avonct.gov

26 December 2014

To my African-American friends, happy Kwanzaa!

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To my UK friends, happy Boxing Day!

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These Name Tags Will Make You Reconsider Gender Pronouns

Isis Madrid

Good magazine

please press:  http://magazine.good.is


Aquino aide backs review of military pact with US (United Arab Emirates)

Manolo B. Jara
The Gulf Times

please press:  http://gulftoday.ae

Stock Update: Hartford Financial Services Group Inc (NYSE:HIG)

Chris Tyler
Stock Markets Daily

please press:  http://www.stockmarketsdaily.com

Israeli military to further integration of transgender draftees

I24 News

please press:  http://www.i24news.tv

UK: Transphobic crimes soared in 2014 (UK)

Pink News

please press:  http://www.pinknews.co.uk

23 December 2014

‘Senyap’ screened at IAIN Gorontalo (Indonesia)

The Jakarta Post

please press:  http://www.thejakartapost.com

Morocco’s transgender belly dancer courts acceptance


please press: http://www.sfgate.com

Why Can't I Use the Boys' Bathroom at School?

Gavin Grimm
American Civil Liberties Union

please press:  https://www.aclunc.org

Lawmakers hope to 'chip away' on LGBT issues next year

Lauren McGaughy
Houston Chronicle

please press:  http://www.houstonchronicle.com