27 August 2016

The uncomfortably strong case against Obama’s transgender protections

Editorial Board
The Charlotte Observer

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Louise Palanker: Transgender Transitions, Sharing Room with Mom, Quitting Sports

Louise Palanker

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Spelman College Pondering Enrolling Transgender Students

Zenitha Prince Senior

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Federal Judge Curbs Enforcement of North Carolina Transgender Access Law

Alan Blinder
The New York Times

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Dumbarton, West Dumbartonshire, UK

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25 August 2016

Americans Are Embracing Transgender Rights

Andrew McGill
The Atlantic

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Transgender Ken doll cake sparks outrage. Supporters tell critics to eat it.

Lindsey Bever
The Washington Post

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ezs note:  Uhhhh...eek?

24 August 2016

More Attacks on Transgender Rights

Editorial Board
The New York Times

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23 August 2016

Kelly Osbourne, Zackary Drucker unite for transgender film festival

Tre'vell Anderson
Los Angeles Times

Kelly Osbourne

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22 August 2016

Transgender inmates wage slow battle for necessary medical care in prison

Teresa Welsh

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Evangelical college presidents ask Haley to oppose transgender directive

Deanna Pan
The Post and Courier

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Texas Judge Issues Nationwide Injunction Blocking Trans-Friendly School Guidelines

Mark Joseph Stern

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21 August 2016

PATTAYA: Two Teens Charged with Murder after Transgender Woman Found Dead Under Couples Hotel Room Bed (Thailand)

Chaiyot Pupattanapong
Chiangrai Times

Pattaya, Thailand

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PICS: Mokgadi Caster Semenya, our golden girl!

Ashfak Mohamed

Caster Semenya

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ezs note:  Great job, Caster!!!

Hande Kader: Outcry in Turkey over transgender woman's murder (UK)


Hande Kader

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ezs note:  We remember you, Hande...

20 August 2016

Clearwater, Florida

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18 August 2016

West Hartford Police Adopt LGBT Policy

Mikaela Porter
Hartford Courant

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ezs note:  Yay!  It's in my town, guys!

09 August 2016

Witness says suspect Henry Gleaves shot and killed transgender prostitute

Lawrence Smith

Henry Gleaves

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Hijras threaten stir if Centre fails to amend Transgenders Bill (India)

The Siasat Daily

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Poll: Young Americans overwhelmingly favor LGBT rights

Chicago Tribune

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Suspect identified in shooting that left transgender Moss Point woman in ICU

Tyler Carter

Charles Ray Lofton

Credit:  http://www.sunherald.com/news/local/crime/e0k960/picture94575827/ALTERNATES/FREE_640/Charles%20Lofton

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ezs note:  Especially if you live in the Gulf Coast area of Mississippi, and you see Charles Ray Lofton, do not approach him.  Rather, let the police do their job.  You can reach them at the Moss Point police department at 228-475-1711 or at Crimestoppers at 1-877-787-5898.

Nike airs first commercial featuring a transgender athlete during Olympics

Nicole Bitette
(New York) Daily News

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02 August 2016

The story of a five-year-old Icelandic transgender girl (Iceland)

Iceland Monitor

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Former Oregon Inmate Featured in Documentary on Transgender Prisoners


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Yarmouth transgender teen launches petition in support of gender anti-discrimination bill (Canada)

Tina Comeau
Shelburne County Coast Guard

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Cleveland family thinks transgender woman was killed because of gender identity

Cory Shaffer

Skye Mockabee

Credit:  https://thumbs.mic.com/MDZmZDc4OTQ3ZiMvbjJjMkVEWXJIOU5oNzdkTGtRTDZGdElwVVhrPS81eDM3NDoxNTk1eDExODUvMTI4MHg2MjAvZmlsdGVyczpxdWFsaXR5KDc1KS9odHRwczovL3MzLmFtYXpvbmF3cy5jb20vcG9saWN5bWljLWltYWdlcy94YXR6NHdqYXd5NzQ2cjhwazA1azkzaHNoa3lmbnI5Z2dsMzRlOWF6d3dmbXozdW9oZXp4c2JvczE3cHptdXl5LmpwZw.jpg

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ezs note:  If you have any information about who killed Skye Mockabee, please call the Cleveland police immediately! The phone number is 216-623-5000, or the fax number is 216-623-5584.  Thanks.

Rest in peace, Skye... 

'Transgender people are neglected in Sweden' (Sweden)


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28 July 2016

Coulsdon woman hoping to win Miss Transgender UK final crown (UK)

James Booker
Croydon Advertiser

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Jazz Jennings Gets Personal About Transgender Bathroom Debate

James MichaelNichols
The Huffington Post

Credit:  http://images1.villagevoice.com/imager/u/745xauto/8775038/screen_shot_2016-06-22_at_10.05.37_am.png

25 July 2016

Sheriff: Navy seaman accused of robbing, stabbing transgender woman

Justin Mitchell and Margaret Baker

Credit:  http://www.sunherald.com/news/local/h3e3xr/picture91634137/ALTERNATES/FREE_640/Dee%20Whigham%20at%20work

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ezs note:  This just happened a few minutes later in the case of Dee Whigham.  Good work, Jackson County sheriffs!  By the way,  the case is ongoing, so keep a sharp eye out for the person of interest.  Once again, let the police handle it.

Family confirms St. Martin homicide victim was a transgender woman


Dee Whigham

Credit:  http://www.sunherald.com/news/local/4e920f/picture91632377/ALTERNATES/FREE_320/FB%20dee%201

please press:  http://www.fox10tv.com

ezs note:  If you see the person pictured in the photo, DO NOT approach him - let the police do their job.  They can be reached at 228-209-8124 or 228-769-3063.  Thanks.

Rest in peace, Dee.

Wall of Love to block Westboro’s hate at Philly anti-trans protest

Erin Rook
LGBTQ Nation

Credit:  http://www.galo.com/files/cache/5e1f5199cf880ba2f020128872947656.jpg

Transgender woman tapped as Democratic convention’s official timekeeper

Joey Garrison
Knoxville News Sentinel

Credit:  https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/z/cartoon-alarm-clock-28115617.jpg

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23 July 2016

Wentworth star learns about transgender (New Zealand)

Shaun Bamber

Credit:  https://www.foxtel.com.au/content/dam/foxtel/watch/shows/wentworth/wentworth-cinematic.jpg

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Helping Transgender People Find Their Voice


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Chenoa, Illinois

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21 July 2016

His royal pomposity, Donald Trump

Credit:  http://f.tqn.com/y/politicalhumor/1/S/l/Z/6/Trump-Laughingstock.jpg

Well, now it's official.  Donald Trump has bumbled his way into Cleveland and taken home the, uh, "prize".  And, oh, the show he gave.  He introduced his wife Melania, and she promptly fumbled her speech by cribbing portions of Michelle Obama's speech!  (In her defense, she was simply reading what the speechwriter put down... but still, what was he thinking by hiring such dumbasses?  

Now, think back to when John McCain was running against Barack Obama.  Sure, he made some fumbles, but I want to point out one really good thing that McCain did.  Did he really want to win?  You're damn right he did.  He wanted it so bad, he could taste it.  But McCain had another trait.  It's called honor.  And so when some nitwit spouted some of her half-baked "ideas" regarding Obama, McCain called her on it.  We are two honorable men in the Senate, he said, and you should listen to what each of have to say before deciding.

Damn.  How about that.

But here comes Trump to save the day!  When some noodlebrains (mostly the Tea Party) stated that Barack Obama had "faked" his birth certificate, who do you think led the charge?  I'll give you one guess.

Some folks may grumble that the only reason that I despise Trump is that he is a Republican.  Absolutely untrue.  I respect Romney.  I respect McCain.  Hell, I even have a little bit for Dubya.  (At the end of his second term, he ordered waters in the Pacific Ocean a protected class.  Good move, George.)

And so, I break with tradition and urge you to send Trump packing.

So long, Donald.  See you in Hades.