19 September 2019

lead story - Betsy DeVos visits school with explicit anti-transgender policy

Gwen Aviles
NBC News

Harrisburg, PA

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Donald Trump - ‘Urgent Concern’ About the President'

Editorial Staff
The New York Times

Mark Felt ("Deep Throat")  1913-2008

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Drag Queen Story Hour comes to Connecticut!

Hartford Public Library
Hartford, CT

ezs note:  On September 28, your kids will have a treat by seeing Drag Queen Story Hour!  This will be in Hartford, 500 Main Street, and hours will be 1 to 2 pm,  and 2:30 to 3:30 pm. By all means, bring your kids along!  (Or a busload!)

17 September 2019

Chile - From Catalina to Alexis: Chilean teen first to legally change gender

civil rights - ACLU, Mercy San Juan will square off in San Francisco court over transgender rights

Cathie Anderson
The Sacramento Bee

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Vermont - Is a Vermont nurse the new Kim Davis?

Bonnie Kristian
The Week

Nurse Ratched, nurse-in-chief

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ezs note:  Um, yeaaaah...  forgive me if I don't break out the violin, but this nurse is truly dense.  I think you only need to take a gander at the title, 'University of Vermont Medical Center'.  This means we treat all comers who have a medical need, within the laws of the state of Vermont.  We ain't choosy.  Despite what Ms. Kristian says in her article,  a Gordian knot this ain't. 

lead story - 3 Transgender Women Thrown Out Of Downtown LA Bar Speak Out

CBS Los Angeles

Woodland Hills, CA
(section of Los Angeles)

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Donald Trump - Trump Cringingly Courts Latino Vote: “Who Do You Like More, the Country or the Hispanics?”

Elliot Hannon

ezs note:  Oh, Donald, you devil...
(no, I really mean it, 'you devil'.)

15 September 2019

Barbados - Deal with transgender issue, urges Hoffman

Barbados Today

Carlisle, Barbados

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civil rights - Trans issues make their way to 2020 presidential platforms

Arkansas - Bellamy Brooks Named Global Campus Employee of the Quarter

University of Arkansas

University of Arkansas Law School
Fayetteville, AR

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lead story - Transgender College Students More Likely to Struggle with Mental Health

Donald Trump - Brett Kavanaugh Fit In With the Privileged Kids. She Did Not.

Robin Pogrebin, Kate Kelly
The New York Times

'Justice' Brett Kavanaugh

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ezs note:  To read the entire book, see "The Education of Brett Kavanaugh:  An Investigation".

12 September 2019

civil rights - Civil rights activists celebrate new policy protecting transgender students in Stafford

Anna-Lysa Gayle

Stafford, VA

please press:  wjla.com

Florida - Florida education news: Charter schools, transgender rights, public comment and more

Jeffrey S. Solochek
Tampa Bay Times

Sen. Samuel Pasco
Pasco County

please press:  www.tampabay.com

ezs note:  If you live within Pasco County, Florida, and you're pissed off about a scrapping of 'best practices' guide, write an email, or better yet, go to a board meeting and talk there.  Hey, conservative folks have a hearing - but they don't have a right to a monopoly.  Let your voice be heard.

lead story - Transgender Lyft driver quits after alleged attack

08 September 2019

review of Oneechan ga Mamotte Ageru!

Artist - Yoshino Sora

(note:  I tried - really tried to find the picture 'Oneechan ga Mamotte Ageru!' All to no avail.  Sorry.)

To those who follow Japan and Japanese transgender culture, yeah, there are flaws, but Japan does seem to be making an effort.  One of the really bright spots is an article entitled 'Transgender granted long-term residency in Japan'.  It is in this mix that Yoshino Sora is drawing her manga.  Unfortunately, Ms. Yoshino isn't doing her best work.

Mind you, her work is a far cry from the 'work' done by the Jack Chick tracts.  But this is a hornet's nest from the outset. Anri goes to the studio to do a tryout. And who does her mother pick to get some 'papers'?  Kairi, her younger brother.  Of course, her daft mother doesn't dream of going to the studio herself.  And let us consider the appellation 'Kairi'.  When I thumbed Japanese names, one listed  'Kairi' as female/unisex, the other as strictly female.  Where does it fit in the universe?

Towards the end, a more proper 'Kairi' is found, a transgender female.  But geez, their mother is in a virtual loony bin.  The proper way to go is not to rush into things, nor to refuse forever into decades.  In other words, it's somewhat of a balancing act.  Am I telling you that you must never make a mistake?  Of course not.  But find the right road, and stay the course as best you can.

Aesthetically, Ms. Yoshino does a decent job.  I just wish she would do better with words. 

07 September 2019

lead story - Second black transgender women believed to be violently killed in 2 days

Muri Assunção
New York Daily News

Clewiston, FL
(Hendry County)

please press:  www.nydailynews.com  

 ezs note: In such a sparsely county, two such murders are truly frightening.  If you know of either Keisha Whittaker or Bee Love's killings, please turn it over to the police.  Their number is 863-674-5600.  Above all, don't be a hero - I don't want to be writing a third statistic.  Thanks.

06 September 2019

lead story - Transgender woman in Hendry County may have died in targeted attack

Michael Mora

LaBelle, FL
(Hendry County)

please press:  www.winknews.com

ezs note:  Sheesh - if anyone deserves what happened to Keisha Whittaker, it's this cretin.  Please, if anyone knows what happened, call Hendry County police (southern Florida) at 863-674-5600.  Thanks. 

03 September 2019

lead story - Lebanon: End Systemic Violence Against Transgender Women

Human Rights Watch

Beirut, Lebanon
Canaanean javelin (7000-5000 BCE)

please press:  www.hrw.org


ezs note:  Here in Connecticut, we have the luxury of waiting to register to vote until the very last day. So I can relax.  

But there are 49 other states.  And some of them have very, very early dates to register.

Unfair?  Yup, sure is.  But until they change their date, not a damn thing we can do about it.

That is, unless you register today.

Voting Day is November 5.

01 September 2019

Donald Trump - The Trump decision that pushed James Mattis to his breaking point

Kate Sullivan

please press:  www.cnn.com

Serbia - Lesbian PM Or Not, Serbia Blocks Gays' Path To Parenthood

Ron Synovitz, Gordana Cosic

near Bukovik, Serbia

please press:  www.rferl.org

civil rights - TERFs Have Taught the Trump Administration Well

Louisiana - A sign to remember Vontashia Bell and a sign to find her killer

Emily Enfinger
Shreveport Times

Shreveport/Bossier City, LA
Allen Bridge

please press:  www.shreveporttimes.com

ezs note:  It's been a little over a year old, and Vontashia's case is getting cold.  But it's never too cold.  Make her friends happy and put this cretin in jail.  Call Crimestoppers at 318-673-7373.  Thanks. 

lead story - Mum arrested in front of her kids for calling transgender woman a man is hauled to court for trolling

Ellie Cambridge, Mark Hodge
The Sun

Hitchin, UK

please press:  www.thesun.co.uk

30 August 2019

Russia - Russian Authorities Drop Charges Against First Suspect, Detain Second In Killing Of Rights Activist Grigoryeva


Moscow, Russia

please press:  www.rferl.org

civil rights - Civil Rights Turned Topsy-Turvy

Linda Greenhouse
The New York Times

 former Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy

please press:  www.nytimes.com

Iowa - Title X rules hurt transgender people

The Gazette

Cedar Rapids, IA

please press:  www.thegazette.com

lead story - Transgender woman beaten in Newport, man charged

Joe English

Newport, OR (1937)

please press:  komonews.com  

27 August 2019

Donald Trump - Trump privately clashed with G7 leaders over reinviting Putin

Poland - Polish Court Rebukes “LGBT-Free Zone” Stickers

civil rights - Fired for Being Trans or for Violating Dress Code? Supreme Court Will Decide.

Jessica Mason Pieklo

Livonia, MI

please press:  truthout.org


Daniel Avery

Southaven, MS

please press:  www.newsweek.com

ezs note:  Y'know, churches do have the right to make whatever screwball letter they'd like.  But a couple has the right to leave.  And good riddance to you.  😆

lead story - When Transgender Travelers Walk Into Scanners, Invasive Searches Sometimes Wait on the Other Side

Lucas Waldron, Brenda Medina

please press:  www.propublica.org