21 February 2020

How to vote!

ezs note:  This is a handy-dandy little blog where you can register to vote!  It's called vote.org.  Just press the button, and soon you'll be on your way!  After you're done, please let me know at thoreaugreen@gmail.com.  Just do a quickie, 'I'm gonna vote!'  Thanks.

Poland/France - French Saint-Jean De Braye breaks town twinning with Polish Tuchów over homophobia

Aseniya Dimitrova
The Mayor.eu

Tuchów, Poland

please press:  www.themayor.eu

civil rights - Human Rights Campaign says Bloomberg should apologize for comments about transgender people

Rebecca Klar
The Hill

Human Rights Campaign
Washington DC

please press:  thehill.com

Rhode Island - Israeli transgender activist, Michael Alroy to Speak at URI

lead story - Garland man accused of killing transgender woman now faces enhanced capital murder charge

Donald Trump - Donald Trump's fundamentally un-American 'Parasite' critique

Chris Cillizza

(revised Romanization: Gisaengchung)

please press: www.cnn.com 

20 February 2020

How to vote!

ezs note:  This is a handy-dandy little blog where you can register to vote!  It's called vote.orgJust press the button, and soon you'll be on your way!  After you're done, please let me know at thoreaugreen@gmail.com.  Just do a quickie, 'I'm gonna vote!'  Thanks.

Pakistan - In a first: Transgender woman represents Pakistan at UN

The Express-Tribune

United Nations

please press:  tribune.com.pk

ezs note:  Wow!  Congratulations, Aisha! 

civil rights - Letters To The Editor (transgender rights)

New York - The Walking While Trans Ban Is ‘Stop and Frisk 2.0’

Karina Piser
The Nation.

Riverside Church
New York City, NY (Manhattan)

please press:  www.thenation.com

lead story - Bloomberg referred to transgender people as 'some guy wearing a dress' in 2019 remarks

Paul LeBlanc

Uh, goodbye Mike...

please press:  www.cnn.com

Donald Trump - Roger Stone Is Sentenced to Over 3 Years in Prison

Sharon LaFraniere
The New York Times

E. Barrett Prettyman Courthouse
Washington DC

please press:  www.nytimes.com

19 February 2020

Nepal - LGBTQ people to be counted in Nepal's census for the first time

Gopal Sharma, Annie Banerji
The Christian Science Monitor

Kathmandu, Nepal

please press:  www.csmonitor.com

civil rights - The battle over gender in Flagler Schools

Jonathan Simmons

Palm Coast, FL

please press:  www.palmcoastobserver.com

ezs note:  It's true that Charlene Cothran has the right to show up and speak... but you do too!!!  Don't let hers be the only one.  

Alabama - Alabama Democrat calls for mandatory genetic testing of all public school student-athletes

Sean Ross
Yellowhammer News

Birmingham, AL

please press:  yellowhammernews.com

ezs note:  Oh, Lordy.  While it's true that the lions' share of noodleheads are Republicans, we mustn't forget that some Democrats are, *ahem*, a bit daft.  

lead story - LDS Church publishes new handbook with changes to discipline, transgender policy

Peggy Fletcher Stack, David Noyce
The Salt Lake Tribune

Salt Lake City, UT

please press:  www.sltrib.com

Donald Trump - Trump Offered Assange Pardon if He Covered Up Russian Hack, WikiLeaks Founder’s Lawyer Claims

18 February 2020

Kosovo - ‘Une jam vete grua’ puts trans reality center stage

Eve-Anne Travers
Prishtina Insight

Prishtina, Kosovo

please press:  prishtinainsight.com

civil rights - In Connecticut, Do Transgender Women Have the Right to Play?

Colorado - Colorado Democrats block effort to ban transgender girls from participating in female sports

lead story - Parents Sue Madison Schools Over Transgender Policy

Todd Richmond
US News and World Report

Madison, WI

please press: www.usnews.com

ezs note:  Uh, yeh.  There was a certain relation of mine whom I loved dearly, but who had literature around her house which had the most horrible views of Blacks and Jews.  Sorry, but making babies doesn't give you carte blanche to pass along this garbage. 

Donald Trump - John Bolton breaks his silence after Trump impeachment: 'I knew what I was getting into'

Miranda Bryant
The Guardian

John Bolton

please press:  www.theguardian.com

16 February 2020

Hungary - Gays in Hungary facing increased government hostility, rights group says

NBC News

Budapest, Hungary

please press:  www.nbcnews.com

civil rights - Black History Month: 17 LGBTQ black pioneers who made history

Gwen Aviles, Ariel Jao
NBC News

US Rep. Barbara Jordan (D-TX)

please press:  www.nbcnews.com

Vermont - Letters to the Editor (TERF battle)

Christian Herrick
Seven Days Vermont

South Burlington, VT

please press:  www.sevendaysvt.com

ezs note:  There is also a letter to the editor presenting the opposite view.

lead story - Teen Beats Transgender Competitor Amid Sports Participation Lawsuit

NBC News

Canton, CT

please press:  www.nbcconnecticut.com

ezs note: Normally, I don't like to stay in one state very much, but this is too rich!  Canton's Chelsea Mitchell beat out everyone - including Terry Miller, a transgender athlete.  Ironically, this win put the kibosh on Alliance Defending Freedom.  Uh, nice try, ADF!

This should put the lie to the nonsense ADF peddles. 

Donald Trump - Former Justice Dept. Lawyers Press for Barr to Step Down

Katie Benner
The New York Times

Department of Justice
Washington DC

please press:  www.nytimes.com

15 February 2020

Greece - Homicide at Moria refugee camp sparks riots

Benjamin Bathke

island of Lesbos, Greece

please press:  www.infomigrants.net

ezs note:  Although it is in the last paragraph, mention is made of transgender people being at risk.  If you have an interest in Greece or Lesbos in particular, you may want to stay with InfoMigrants to stay in touch.

civil rights - Transgender athletics bill clears its first legislative hurdle

Kevin Richert

Idaho Falls, ID

please press:  magicvalley.com

California - Megan Youngren to Become First Openly Transgender Athlete to Compete at the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials

Chris Chavez
Sports Illustrated

California International Marathon
Folsom/Sacramento, CA

please press:  www.si.com

lead story - Girls sue to block participation of transgender athletes

Pat Eaton-Robb

Connecticut State Capitol
Hartford, CT

please press:  apnews.com   

Donald Trump - Can we stop tiptoeing around the fact that Trump is behaving like a dictator?

Lucian K. Truscott IV

Donald Trump

please press:  www.salon.com

14 February 2020

Ecuador - Ecuador's LGBT+ community seen suffering deadliest year in a decade

civil rights - Tennesseans Agree that Anti-LGBTQ Legislation is a Waste of Time

Kentucky - As doctors, we’re distressed by KY bills that threaten the lives of transgender children

Keisa Fallin-Bennett, Joanne Brown, Joyce Crawford et. al.
Lexington Herald-Leader

Lexington, KY

please press:  www.kentucky.com

lead story - Transgender woman poised to make Argentine soccer history

Donald Trump - William Barr must go

Editorial Board
The Boston Globe

 AG William Barr

please press:  www.bostonglobe.com 

13 February 2020

civil rights - 'It's just how you really are inside': 9-year-old shares transgender journey

Kate Snow
NBC News

Columbus, OH

please press:  www.nbcnews.com

Pennsylvania - Transgender women ready to challenge Pennsylvania's name-change law in court

lead story - Transgender users accuse TikTok of censorship

Cristina Criddle

London, UK
ruins of Lesnes Abbey

please press:  www.bbc.com

Donald Trump - In Bipartisan Bid to Restrain Trump, Senate Passes Iran War Powers Resolution

Catie Edmonson
The New York Times

ezs note:  Whoa, girl!

please press:  www.nytimes.com

12 February 2020

Arkansas - Run for office when you’re ready; don’t wait on the world to be ready for you

Andrea Zekis
Arkansas Times

Fayetteville, AR

please press:  arktimes.com

ezs note:  If you're looking for a rote "do it now!" or "wait!" article, this is not the read for you.  Rather, this is an intelligent piece, very well thought out.  Thanks, Andrea.

lead story - Dwyane Wade's Son Zaire Celebrates Transgender Sister Zaya In Heartwarming Tribute

Donald Trump - Utah legislature won't consider bills to censure or recall Romney

Zack Budryk
The Hill

Utah State Legislature
Salt Lake City, UT

please press:  thehill.com

11 February 2020

Colorado - GOP minority doubling down on anti-LGBTQ efforts in Colorado legislature

Saja Hindi
The Denver Post

Colorado Springs, CO

please press:  www.denverpost.com

ezs note:  Yuh-huh.  Look, if you live in Colorado, and live in an area dominated by the GOP, urge them to drop their support of HB 1114, HB 1273, HB 1272 and HB 1033.  

lead news - Sussex-Wantage BOE adopts transgender policy

Eric Obernauer
New Jersey Herald

Sussex, NJ

please press:  www.njherald.com

Donald Trump - Shooting of Man in the Face by ICE Turns Into a Trump-New York Fight

Annie Correal, Ed Shanahan
The New York Times

please press:  www.nytimes.com