20 March 2013

Senate, House hear pleas for LGBT protections - http://idahobusinessreview.com

Asshole of the Year: Arizona bill ties restroom use to birth gender - Cristina Silva - http://www.newstimes.com

Credit:  www.cartoonstock.com
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ezs note:  Read especially the possible imprisoning of a woman whose only crime is wanting to take a leak.  This is, truly, an asshole of the year.

Save the elephants!

It is a sad, sad fact that elephants are nearing extinction.

How does this happen?  Simple.  We kill them.

It seems that there is little we can do.  But that's not true.  Here are some things you can do:

1. Contact John Kerry and urge him to contact and speak out against elephant killings.

2. Contact the People's Republic of China and ask them to forbid all killing of elephants, with severe jailing for any flouting of the law.

3. If you own any ivory, take it off.  Better yet, throw it out into the trash.

We can do our part to make this world safer for these gentle giants.  But we need to start now so they will have a future. Thanks.