01 May 2020

My choice is Panera

Chicago, IL

ezs note:  I don't have to say it...but I will. In January 2020, things were pretty good.  Sure, there were some rumblings in Wuhan, China, but that seemed a world away.  Then, on February 5, Covid-19 reached the United States in California.  It reached my home state of Connecticut on March 6. 


On April 29, Gov. Ned Lamont allowed drive-thru restaurants to open.  Now, you are asking about Panera Bread.  What does a chain store have to do with anything?  For me, it's the people.  When you decide that it's vital to be a transgender woman, this has consequences. Panera Bread welcomed me, bar none.  Now Panera Bread has its difficulties.  They aren't a chain store, they're people.  I want to help them as much as they want to help me.

Now I'm only talking about one store.  But Panera Bread is my friend.  I hope you will see that, too.

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