27 September 2011

Police arrest alleged transgender prostitute (newjerseyhills.com)

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Too young to know your gender? (thecharts.blogs.cnn.com)

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Human pappilomavirus (HPV)

Recently I saw a short study on HPV.  It was surprising, to say the least.  Studies show that, among sexually active females, 80 percent come down with HPV.  As far as I can tell, there is no related study among transgender persons, M to F or F to M.  However, there would some items that would be wise:

1.  If you are active sexually, or thinking about it, go to a doctor first.  Be frank about it.  Follow her/his advice.

2.  If you are raising a transgender child, (and,yes, there are those) talk to the doctor about what advice you should give her/him.  Ask what stages you should go through as she/he grows up.

3.  If you or your partner already has HPV, ask what medication and timing will prevent it.