19 June 2017

Thoughts and musings (1)

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So, this is it.  I have so many thoughts during the hours, the days, the weeks and, decades, really.  I haven't written in such a long time, though.  The stroke really did a number on my thoughts and musings.  But I feel OK now, really.  I think what helped me out a lot was my visit to Real Art Ways.  I felt that my mind, as broken as it might be, had a lot to announce to the world.  I remember my thoughts about CafĂ© Zehner and its raid by the police - and this was happening in 1921, in Germany.  How things might have radically changed, how little Adolf would have been relegated to some little hovel, how some aunt would have explained he was quite cracked, really.  

My thoughts are silent no longer. A better, more humane world - perhaps. 

-  Emily

Trump's Self-Contradictory Defense

David A. Graham
The Atlantic

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Indian government releases video to show support for its transgender employees

Lenyon Whitaker

Kochi Metro Rail

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Welcoming Schools Prepares for National Facilitator Certification Training

Kimmie Fink

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Here's What It's Really Like To Raise A Transgender Boy In 2017

Katelyn Burns

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ezs note: As mentioned in the article, Real Boy will be shown at 10 pm (Eastern Time) tonight.   Well, mostly.  Please check your local PBS station to be sure.

Why Transgender People Suffer from ‘ID Anxiety'

Jacob Tobia

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