25 July 2018

Donald Trump - Federal Lawsuit Against President Trump's Business Interests Allowed To Proceed

Peter Overby

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Kenya - Transgender Kenyans fear WHO re-classification will cause confusion

Rhoda Odhiambo
The Star

Nairobi, Kenya

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civil rights - Judge's Ruling Supports Oregon School's Transgender Policy

US News & World Report

Dallas, OR

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Connecticut - Connecticut launches campaign to end new HIV infections

Clarice Silber
CT Mirror

New Haven, CT

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ezs note:  A few tips for you:

1)  Get tested now.  You need not wait any longer, I promise you.

2)  If your partner balks at wearing a condom, say NO.  If he still refuses, the jerk's not worth it.

3)  If you test positive, see what options are available.  In Connecticut (and all around New England, really) there are options available.

lead story - Was she denied Communion because she’d been chewing gum — or because she’s transgender?

Tim Funk
The Herald

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