08 September 2019

review of Oneechan ga Mamotte Ageru!

Artist - Yoshino Sora

(note:  I tried - really tried to find the picture 'Oneechan ga Mamotte Ageru!' All to no avail.  Sorry.)

To those who follow Japan and Japanese transgender culture, yeah, there are flaws, but Japan does seem to be making an effort.  One of the really bright spots is an article entitled 'Transgender granted long-term residency in Japan'.  It is in this mix that Yoshino Sora is drawing her manga.  Unfortunately, Ms. Yoshino isn't doing her best work.

Mind you, her work is a far cry from the 'work' done by the Jack Chick tracts.  But this is a hornet's nest from the outset. Anri goes to the studio to do a tryout. And who does her mother pick to get some 'papers'?  Kairi, her younger brother.  Of course, her daft mother doesn't dream of going to the studio herself.  And let us consider the appellation 'Kairi'.  When I thumbed Japanese names, one listed  'Kairi' as female/unisex, the other as strictly female.  Where does it fit in the universe?

Towards the end, a more proper 'Kairi' is found, a transgender female.  But geez, their mother is in a virtual loony bin.  The proper way to go is not to rush into things, nor to refuse forever into decades.  In other words, it's somewhat of a balancing act.  Am I telling you that you must never make a mistake?  Of course not.  But find the right road, and stay the course as best you can.

Aesthetically, Ms. Yoshino does a decent job.  I just wish she would do better with words.