31 December 2010

Happy 2011!

Should auld acquaintance be forgot (gawd, I hate this song!)  But anyway, here's who visited this week... Cleveland, Ohio... Valladolid, Castilla y Leon, Spain... Tuscon, Arizona... Nagoya, Aichi, Japan... London, England, UK... Ireland... Dallas, Texas... Aiken, South Carolina... Minneapolis, Minnesota... New York City, New York... Faaborg, Denmark... Keighley, West Yorkshire, England, UK... Sterling Heights, Michigan... Livingston, New Jersey... Reading, England, UK... Opelika, Alabama... Amarillo,Texas... Draper, Utah... Bellingham, Washington... Burlington, Vermont... Gaylord, Michigan... Los Angeles, California... Doncaster, England, UK... Redmond, Washington... Renton, , FaaborgWashington... Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England, UK... Minneapolis, Minnesota... West Linn, Oregon... Butte, Montana (huh, huh... she said "butt"!)... Chester, Cheshire, England, UK... Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, England, UK... Terre Haute, Indiana... Branford, Connecticut... Bedford, Bedfordshire, England, UK... Happy New Year, everyone!

25 December 2010

Ho, Ho, Ho!

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...Nagpur, Maharashtra, India...  twelve drummers drumming... Paris, Ile-de-France, France... eleven pipers piping... West Hartford, Connecticut... ten lords-a leaping... Lake Zurich, Illinois... nine ladies dancing... Cleveland, Ohio... eight maids-a-milking... Salisbury, Wiltshire, England, UK... seven swans-a-swimming... Tuscon, Arizona... six geese-a-laying... Atlanta, Georgia... five gol-den rings...Gaylord, Michigan... four colly birds... Appleton, Wisconsin... three French hens... Sacramento, California... two turtle doves... Sint-genesius-rode, Brabant, Belgium... Bethel, Ohio... Providence, Utah... Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada... Kuwait... London, England, UK... Goole, York, England, UK.... Villenave-d'ornon, Aquitaine, France... Harpursville, New York... Mankato, Minnesota... Phoenix, Arizona... Broomall, Pennsylvania... Pompano Beach, Florida... Perth, Western Australia, Australia... Valloadolid, Castilla y Leon, Spain.... Greenville, South Carolina... Chicago, Illinois... Rochester, Michigan... White Plains, New York... Central District, Hong Kong, S.A.R., China... West Bridgewater, Massachusetts...  Green Bay, Wisconsin... Hazlet, New Jersey... Evansville, Indiana... and a partridge in a pear tree!  To all my Christian friends, Merry Christmas!

17 December 2010

Iran: Discrimination and Violence Against Sexual Minorities (Payvand [Iran])

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Discussion on bullying turns to real solutions, legal protections (Campus Progress)

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EA's gay and lesbian employees say 'it gets better' (Kotaku)

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Oh, sit right down, and  I'll tell the tale... of Cincinnati, Ohio... Thimister, Liege, Belgium... Mays Landing, New Jersey... Stockbridge, Georgia... Elmira, Michigan... Boston, Massachusetts... Amarillo, Texas...Scranton, Pennsylvania... Cleveland, Ohio... West Covina, California... Antwerp, Antwerpen, Belgium... Lauder, Scotland  Borders, Scotland, UK... Tuscon, Arizona... Laveen, Arizona... Union, Missouri... Murrietta, California... Thomasville, North Carolina... Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania... Melbourne, Victoria, Australia... Quezon City, Philippines... Sydney, New South Wales, Australia... Saint Paul, Minnesota... Coventry, England, UK... Athens, Attiki, Greece... Perth, Western Australia, Australia... Dartmouth, Nova Scotia... Liverpool, England, UK... Sint-genesius-rode, Brabant, Belgium... Neuss, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany... and El Paso, Texas,  here on Em-i-ly's Isle!

11 December 2010

Gays make up 40% of Hollywood homeless youth, survey finds (LA Times)

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Couple wanted for killing and dismembering man at LA hotel arrested (LA Times)

ezs note:  I'm certainly glad that the two trolls have been taken into custody.  If you have any further evidence, please bring it to the LAPD.  The more, the better, folks.
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LGBT building named after Cyndi Lauper's True Colors song (Perez Hilton)

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An outstanding, seminal work

Yeah, I know.  "Seminal" is a word used far, far, too commonly.  But for this blog, I will say it with enthusiasm.

"Emily's virtual rocket" is a good work, but by its very nature, I'm aware of its limits.  Even those who do the same work as I do, are usually better than I am, because of the hunt-n-peck method for my typing.The only advantage I have is LOTS of hard, diligent  work.

"A Gender Variance Who's Who" puts all of us to shame.  If it weren't the case that "Emily's..." mainly deals with the present, and "Gender Variance..." with  the much broader past, I'd work on selling icicles.

Kudos to you, Zagria. If you'd like to see her work, please press "An outstanding, seminal work" above, in blue. Thanks.

10 December 2010

Transgender woman gets hate mail after visiting DMV (NBC Bay Area)

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Where in the world shall we go? How about...     Albany, New York ...Huntersville, North Carolina... Providence, Utah... Germany... Mexico, Distrito Federal... Wausau, Wisconsin... Turtle  Lake, Wisconsin... West Covina, California... Dayton, Ohio... Springfield, Illinois... Canton, Ohio... Prescott Valley, Arizona... Simpsonville, South Carolina... Norwich, Connecticut... Chicago, Illinois... Woburn, Massachusetts... Oslo, Norway.... Singapore... Amarillo, Texas... Ottawa, Ontario, Canada... West Hartford, Connecticut... Wilmette, Illinois... Trenton, New Jersey... Tinley Park, Illinois.... Liberty Lake, Washington... Birmingham, England, UK... Rio de Janeiro, Brazil... Yakima, Washington... La Celle, Ile-de-France, France...and Elmira, Michigan?  Oh, the places we shall go!

03 December 2010

VIEWS Remembering trans heroine Rita Hester (Windy City)

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Sports, gender, questions and hate (ESPN)

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Today's mission will consist of the following:  Scranton, Pennsylvania... San Ramon, California... Victoria, British Columbia, Canada... Manchester, England, UK...Rowlett, Texas... Rochester, New York... Launceston, Tasmania, Australia... Broomall, Pennsylvania... Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.... Trenton, New Jersey.... Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England, UK... Milton Keynes, England, UK... Cleveland, Ohio... New York... Oakland, Maryland... Milan, Lombardia, Italy... Oslo, Norway... Juri, Harjumaa, Estonia... Jiddah, Makkah, Saudi Arabia... Lancaster, Pennsylvania... Acton Vale, Quebec, Canada... Kokkola, Western Finland, Finland... Yonkers, New York... Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire, England, UK... Bangor, North Down, England, UK... Zurich,Zurich, Switzerland... Framingham, Massachusetts... Warsaw, Mazowiekie, Poland... Krasnodar, Russia... Surprise, Arizona... Roanoke, Virginia... Mancelona, Michigan... Tokyo, Japan... Shonaison, In'chon-jikhalsi, South Korea... Phoenix, Arizona... then to Venus! Live long and prosper!

29 November 2010

Stop Bullying (No Bullying)

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Hi again!

Just a quick note- if you've got the money, I would greatly appreciate it.  It's in the "Donate" button, just beneath the globe map, on the right side. Thanks!

26 November 2010

Group gather outside Mormon Temple to prevent suicide among gay members (ABC)

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Hello! Good morning!

This morning, we have...Canberra, Australian Territory Capital, Australia...   Seoul, Seoul-u'kpyolsi, South Korea... Wulfen, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany... Fullerton, California... Ryazan, 'Ryazan, Russia... Bridgwater, Somerset, England,UK... West Covina, California... San Jose, California... Elmira, Michigan... Livingston, New Jersey... Tunisia.... Rio De Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro,Brazil...   Dayton, Ohio... Columbia, South Carolina... Brisbane, Queensland, Australia... Manchester, England, UK... White Plains, New York... Amarillo, Texas... Doncaster, England, UK... India... Cleveland, Ohio... Fairbanks, Alaska... Bedlington, Northumberland, England, UK... Brooklyn, New York... Toronto, Ontario, Canada.... Baltimore, Maryland... Vienna, Wien, Austria... Reading, England, UK...Montgermont, Bretagne, France... and New York!

20 November 2010

I always knew I was a girl (Salon)

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Trans activists question police conduct (Toronto Sun [Canada])

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November 20, 2010: Transgender Day Of Remembrance...


This year, we remember Brenda of Rome, Italy; Wanchai Tongwijit of Phuket City, Thailand; Mariah Malina Qualls of San Francisco, California; Estrella (Jose Angel) Venegas of Mexicali, Mexico; Wong of Bernama, Malaysia; Myra Chanel Ical and Gypsy of Houston, Texas; Derya Y. of Antalya, Turkey; Fevzi Yener of Şehremin, Istanbul; Dino Curi Huansi of Parma, Italy; Amanda Gonzalez-Andujar of Queens, New York; Toni Alston of Charlotte, North Carolina; Ashley Santiago Ocasio of Corozal, Puerto Rico; Azra of Izmir, Turkey; Chanel (Dana A. Larkin) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Angie González Oquendo of Caguas, Puerto Rico; Sandy Woulard of Chicago, Illinois; Imperia Gamaniel Parson of San Pedro Sula, Honduras; Victoria Carmen White of Maplewood, New Jersey; Justo Luis González García of Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico; Irem of Bursa, Turkey; Stacey Lee of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Emanuelly Colaço Taborda of Parana, Brazi;, an unidentified trans woman in Jakarta, Indonesia; an unidentified trans woman in Chihuahua, Mexico; an unidentified trans woman in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic; an unidentified victim in Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico; two unidentified victims in Sheikhupura, Pakistan; and all the other trans women and men around the world who lost their lives to transphobia this year, whose faces we never saw, names we never knew, and voices we never heard because they were living in societies that did not value them as people. (Thanks to Krista Benson)

19 November 2010

2 suspects held in shooting of gay youth in Rio (Google/AP)

Transgender Americans face high suicide risk (MSNBC)

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Good morning!  It's a cool, crisp sunny day where I am, how about in...Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada... Alicante, Comunidad Valenciana, Spain... London, City of London, England, UK... Bedlington, Northumberland, England, UK... Dublin, Ireland... Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain... Arlington, Massachusetts... Ashburn, Virginia... Falkirk, Scotland, UK... Victoria, British Columbia, Canada... Jackson, Tennessee...  Sakarya, Turkey... Elmira, Michigan... Rathcoole, Ireland... Iceland... Atlanta, Georgia... Hamburg, Germany... Concord, North Carolina... Saint Paul, Minnesota... Dubai, United Arab Emirates... Cleveland, Ohio... Fairbanks, Alaska... Surrey, British Columbia, Canada... Brookline, Massachusetts... Charlottetown,  Prince Edward Island, Canada... and Boston, Massachusetts... well, how ya doin'?

12 November 2010

Transgender people learn to speak as the person they want to be at NC school (Canadian Press / Google [Canada])

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Two Indonesian transsexual sex slaves rescued in Russia (Jakarta Globe [India])

Two Indonesian transsexuals held against their will by a prostitution syndicate were rescued by authorities in Russia, an embassy official said on Friday (more above)

It’s Transgender Awareness Month (Salt Lake Tribune)

(more above)


G'day, ye mates  and lasses! Today we have... Liverpool, England, UK... Sussex, New Jersey... Marion, Ohio... Hallandale, Florida... Seattle, Washington... Scranton, Pennsylvania... Dallas, Texas... Russian Federation, Russia... Bedlington, Northumberland, UK... Chicago, Illinois... Oakland, California... San Leandro, California... Melbourne, Victoria, Australia... Ottawa, Ontario, Canada... Laguna Miguel, California... Colonia, New Jersey... Enola,Pennsylvania... Winchester,California... Edinburgh, Scotland, UK... Mesa, Arizona... Renton, Washington... Yonkers, New York... Long Beach, New York... Charleston, Virginia... Baton Rouge, Louisiana... Denver, Colorado... Newtown, Connecticut... Port Huron, Michigan... and Hamburg, Germany... how ya doin'?

08 November 2010


Upon further investigation, I've found that Premarin is far too dangerous  to be used under any circumstances.  This "medicine" is far too dangerous.  It's loaded with unwanted side effects. You could have a stroke.  You could die.

If any doctor tries to prescribe Premarin to you, it's a definite sign that your doctor doesn't care shit about you, no matter how kind and caring he/she seems.  Note: Premarin is a "naturally" occurring substance.  Synthetically occurring ones are different.  However, you should still wait a week before taking any drug which changes your composition.  Physician's Desk Reference is the most exhaustive tome, but unless you're a physician yourself, it can be quite maddening. Harvard University puts out a more user-friendly book. 

No drug, no matter how beneficial, can be taken with absolutely no side effects.  It just is not done.  Any "doctor" who claims a "miracle cure" is a quack, a fraud, and should be expelled from the medical community.  Just weigh the benefits vs. the risks,  and if you have any questions, no matter how trivial they seem, ask them. It takes a bit longer, but you'll be happier.

07 November 2010

Police: Transgender Prostitute Nabbed In Omni Hotel Murder-Arson (CBS)

(more above)

Manslaughter for transsexual killers (stuff.co.nz [New Zealand])

Two men accused of murder have been found guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter of Upper Hutt transsexual Richard "Diksy" Jones on April 29 last year. (more above)

Argentine pride celebrates same-sex marriage; highlights need for transgender equality (LGBTQNation)

A crowd of several thousand people gathered in the Argentinian capital city of Buenos Aires Saturday, marching in celebration of the country’s status as the first Latino nation to legalize same-sex marriage. (more above)

05 November 2010


Welcome all ...Killeen, Texas... Avondale, Arizona... Enfield, Connecticut... Phillipine, Benguet... Durham, North Carolina... Scranton, Pennsylvania... Boise, Idaho... Edinburgh, Scotland, UK... Mesa, Arizona... New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada... Tuscon, Arizona... Santa Monica, California... United Kingdom... Kennesaw, Georgia... Innerleithen, Scotland, UK... Santa Clara, California... Kotara, New South Wales, Australia... Norway...Toulouse, Midi-Pyrenees, France... Marietta, Georgia... Cleveland, Ohio...Memphis, Tennessee...Dearborn, Michigan... Hoboken, New Jersey... United Kingdom... Bedford, Bedfordshire, England, UK... Arlington, Virginia... Hamburg, Germany... London, City of London, England, UK... Onalaska, Wisconsin... Havertown, Pennsylvania... Erlanger, Tennessee... Fairfax,Virginia... Lille, Nord-Pas-De-Calais, France... and Loves Park, Illinois... how's everyone doing?

04 November 2010

30 October 2010

LGBTIQQ rallies in Artesia (India Journal [India])

ARTESIA, CA – On Oct 16, National Coming Out Day, South Asian Network (SAN) and Satrang joined together to put on our first ever community town hall followed by a street procession to raise the visibility of South Asian Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Intersex Queer and Questioning (LGBTIQQ) persons along Pioneer Boulevard, the heart of “Little India.” (more above)

St.George school board race targets gay-straight club (Utah News)

The existence of campus clubs for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender high school students has become an issue in the race for seats on the Washington County School District Board. (more above)

Transgender art project seeks volunteers (sovo)

3 days to Election Day!!!

29 October 2010


How are things in,.. Moscow City, Moscow (Mockba) Russia... Oslo, Norway... Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey... New Zealand...  Mount Pleasant,Iowa... London,England, United Kingdom...   Norristown, Pennsylvania...  Fairfax, Virginia... Emeryville, California... Rancho Santa Fe, California... Silver Spring, Maryland... Australia... Springfield, Virginia... Columbia, Missouri... Pawtucket, Rhode Island... Roseville, California... Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Holland...Muscat, Masqat, Oman... Nuremberg, Bayern, Germany...Houston, Texas... Fargo, North Dakota... Maumelle, Arkansas... Berlin, Germany... Zagreb, Gran Zagreb, Croatia... Butte, Montana... Ballston Lake, New York... Enola, Pennsylvania... Mesa, Arizona...Richland, Montana... Brazil... Rawenstall, Lancashire, London, UK... and Homewood, Illinois(!)...how y'all doing?    

27 October 2010

LAPD seeks help in case of assault on transgender woman in Hollywood (Los Angeles Times)

Emily's note:  If you have any information about this assault, PLEASE  call the police.  You will make the nation safer.
Fleed in white Chevy Suburban
LAPD Wilshire Division - Major Assault Crimes Section
1 213 922 9234
1 213 922 8268
non-business hours/weekends
1 877 LAPD-24-7
Crimestoppers (anonymous)
1 800 222 TIPS
1 800 222 8477
texting Crimestoppers
274637 / CRIMES
(thanks to Los Angeles Times)

26 October 2010

25 October 2010

Teresa Sparks, other transgender candidates, make the NYT (NYT)

The NYT/Bay Citizen notes several transgender candidates running for elected office this election season, including local examples Theresa Sparks (running for District 6 Supervisor) and Victoria Kolakowski (running for Alameda County Superior Court judge).(more above)

23 October 2010

Transgender person jailed (Northern Star [Australia])

WHEN Bobby the horse and Italian greyhound Mexico were spotted ambling with their carer Martin Harwood by security at the Lismore Shopping Square, they were quickly nabbed by Lismore police. (more above)

Sexual orientation may be link to killings (Courier Post)

NEWARK — Authorities are investigating whether two men in North Jersey were killed because of their sexual orientation. (more above)

22 October 2010


Welcome to all... Farmingdale, New York

...Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Japan... Melbourne, Victoria, Australia... Minneapolis, Minnesota.... Corona, California... Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Holland...  Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia... Norwalk, Connecticut... Leeds, England, UK... Olympia, Washington... Luton, England, UK... Toledo, Ohio... Little Falls, New Jersey...  Riyadh, Ar Riyad, Saudi Arabia... Havertown, Pennsylvania...  Enola, Pennsylvania... Danvers, Massachusetts... Port Orange, Florida... Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey... Ridgewood, New York... Philadelphia, Pennsylvania... San Leandro, California... Sacramento, California... Pompano Beach, Florida... Denver, Colorado... Wallingford, Pennsylvania... Spanaway, Washington... San Diego, California... San Antonio, Texas... Alexandria, Virginia.... and Hayward, California....hi, again!

20 October 2010

JCPenney receives top rating on human rights campaign corporate equality index (Marketwatch)

PLANO, Texas, Oct 20, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- J. C. Penney Company, Inc. /quotes/comstock/13*!jcp/quotes/nls/jcp (JCP 33.04, +0.31, +0.95%) has announced that it has earned a perfect score of 100 percent on the 2011 Corporate Equality Index, released by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) earlier this month. The index measures employers on their treatment of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees and consumers. (more above)

(Excuuuuse me???) Stonewall holding back transgender equality (Guardian)

I must confess to watching Stonewall's recent self-destruction with an element of schadenfreude.(more above)

Turkey: Pink Life activists acquitted (Thanks to 'Bird of Paradox')

By email from Kemal Ordek, the General Secretary of Pink Life LGBTT Solidarity Association, comes the happy news that the trial of five trans women which I wrote about here, has ended with all five being acquitted.  (more above)

19 October 2010

Brussels alarmed by Turkish police violence

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS – Five Turkish transgendered people are set to go on trial on Thursday (21 October) on charges of resisting police and may face of up to three years in prison, in a case which could negatively impact the EU's yearly assessment of Turkey's progress toward accession. (more above)

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

GMDVP hosts annual Halloween event to shed light on domestic abuse in the LGBT community.  (more above)

18 October 2010

Kenya- my life as a transgender girl (Global Voices [Kenya])

Lindsay is a transgendered woman living in Kenya who shares her life and her journey to womanhood on her blog Living Lindsay- My life as a transgender girl in Kenya. (more above)

Transgender rights defenders look forward to justice in Turkey (Hurriyet Daily News [Turkey])

Leading human rights organizations urge Turkey to investigate the attack against transgender rights activists by police in Ankara in May.(more above)

17 October 2010

Transgender gearing up to hit the silver screen (IBN Live[Tamil])

Chennai: Aiswarya was born a male but longed to live like a woman.(more above)

Study: Anti-transgender bullying alarmingly high (EdgeBoston)

More than half of transgender or gender non-conforming people who experienced bullying or harassment have attempted suicide, according to a recently released study. (more above)

16 October 2010

Newsom, Maldonado both on the attack in final LG debate (City Insider))

The facts took a beating this afternoon as Mayor Gavin Newsom and Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado met in their last scheduled debate of the campaign for lieutenant governor. (more above)

Atlanta police cover-up?

Owners, employees and patrons of the Atlanta Eagle bar claim the City of Atlanta has lost, destroyed or intentionally withheld evidence in a lawsuit against the city’s police department over alleged civil rights violations during a raid in 2009.(more above)

Spirit Day aims to prevent gay suicides (Daily Tribune)

Some people in Oakland County will be wearing purple on Wednesday in memory of the six gay men who committed suicide this year after being harassed for their sexuality, and participants are urging others to take part in this national Spirit Day.(more above)

15 October 2010


A big hello to Columbia, South Carolina... Tuscon, Arizona... Louisville, Kentucky... Framingham, Massachusetts...   Flagstaff, Arizona... Woodbridge, Virginia... Montreal, Quebec, Canada... London, City of London, England (UK) ... Greensboro, North Carolina... Altoona, Iowa... Piedmont, South Carolina... Alexandria, Imathia, Greece...Moscow, City of Moscow, Russia... Toronto, Ontario, Canada... Loves Park, Illinois... Avenel, New Jersey... San Leandro, California... Springfield, Virginia... Tulsa, Oklahoma...Leeds, England, UK... Allentown, Pennsylvania... Providence, Rhode  Island... and Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK,welcome!


There is an unscrupulous dealer out there looking to sell Estradiol (generic) / Premarin(name brand) to desperate transgenders.  DO NOT BUY  FROM THIS CROOK!!!    Rather, see a licensed doctor (physician) and see a reputable pharmacist in case you are prescribed anything.  (CVS, Rite  Aid, and Walgreens are reputable pharmacists in this area.)  Is it more expensive?  Yep, no doubt.  But I'd rather see you alive.  

14 October 2010

Media Alert: Delaware Valley LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) Elder Initiative: A Summit on Aging (PR Newswire)

What: The purpose of the Summit is to bring together the members of the aging and LGBT services networks and community members to begin a conversation aimed at developing programs for addressing the needs of LGBT older adults. (more above)

Panel discusses lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues in Toms River (APP)

TOMS RIVER — A small crowd gathered Wednesday night to discuss an issue of far-reaching importance.(more above)

Pa. Transgender Woman's Death Ruled Homicide, No Motive Say Police (CBS)

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) Police ruled the death of a Pennsylvania transgender woman, who was found dead in her home earlier this week, a homicide by strangulation and asphyxiation Wednesday, according to reports.(more above)
Philadelphia police tipline:
215.686.TIPS (8477).

13 October 2010

San Diego school board passes nondiscrimination policy (Sign On San Diego)

In response to a nationwide string of suicides of gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender youth, San Diego city schools adopted a nondiscrimination policy Tuesday that aims to protect its own LGBT community.

PFLAG Hinsdale welcomes author (Tribune Local)

“What can I offer to the world to make it better before I leave it?” (more above)

Rampant discrimination against transgender people by health care providers (Oral health journal)

A press release from Washington crossed my desk today that makes me angry, sad and praying that these findings do not reflect the 'Canadian' situation. Let me know...  (more above)

12 October 2010

Protest planned to support transgender student (Dallas Voice)

Queer LiberAction is planning a protest to support North Dallas High School transgender student Andy Moreno. (more above)

Mormon church says cruelty toward gays is wrong (AP)

SALT LAKE CITY — The Mormon Church chided its members Tuesday to consider whether their attitudes toward all people — including gays — followed Christian principles, responding to activists' demand that a church leader withdraw anti-gay statements.(more above)

Local trans activist to be honored by Community One Foundation (Xtra [Canada])

Trans activist Rupert Raj is being honoured after more than 40 years helping to foster a greater understanding and acceptance of the transsexual and transgendered communities in Canada.(more above)

11 October 2010

Internet buzzing about National Coming Out Day (SeattlePI)

Monday is National Coming Out Day, a movement coordinated by the Washington D.C. based Human Rights Campaign in solidarity for gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual people.  (more above)

Alcoa top ranked on corporate equality for second year in a row (Marketwatch)

NEW YORK, Oct 11, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Alcoa /quotes/comstock/13*!aa/quotes/nls/aa (AA 13.00, +0.11, +0.85%) announced today that for the second year in a row it is the only Metals and Mining company to achieve a top rating of 100 in the 2011 Corporate Equality Index and Best Places to Work Survey conducted by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation, the educational arm of America's largest civil rights organization.(more above)

Sorry for the troubles, folks...

Once again, AT&T has shown us its "stellar" service by crapping  out for the week....AGAIN!!!  Now that I'm back again, I'll once again be out covering news for the transgendered / transsexual community as well as those who are interested. See you in the funny and not-so-funny pages.


08 October 2010


This week, welcome to...Katy, Texas... Rowlett, Texas...Mountain View, California... Framingham, Massachusetts...Seattle, Washington... Denver, Colorado...Plano, Texas... Beverly Hills, California... Belton, Texas... Somerville, Massachusetts... Nepean, Ontario, Canada... Wappingers Falls, New York...Trondheim, Sor-Trondelag, Norway... Downey, California... Encino, California...

Bahraini teens launch sex-change bids (Inside the Middle East / CNN)

Two teenage women in Bahrain planning to undergo sex change operations are set to launch legal bids to have their status recognized as men, reported The Gulf Daily News.  (more above)

06 October 2010

Gay throughout history (Pridesource)

Every October, GLBT History Month honors 31 key players who have fought, sung, written, acted and spoke out for civil rights for all gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in America and beyond. (more above)

US airways honored for human rights (Bizjournals)

US Airways Group Inc. has earned a top rating in Human Rights Campaign’s corporate equality index, a measure of policies and attitudes toward lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees and customers.( read above)

02 October 2010

MP and the tart who turned a $50 trick (Daily Mail [UK])

Over prawn crackers and Chinese spare ribs in Manchester this week, Labour MP Stephen Pound recalled that he once slipped a juicy banknote to a trannsexual prostitute in Hong Kong. ( more above)

Life as a transsexual as photographed by Paola de Grenet (The Vine)

Barcelona is notorious for its transvestite and transsexual culture.  (more above)

01 October 2010


OK...this is gonna seem a bit long (and lengthy), but here goes...welcome to Bethany, Connecticut... Rowlett, Texas... East Syracuse, New York... Saratoga Springs, New York... Ann Arbor, Michigan... Adams, Massachusetts... Boulder, Colorado... Botwood, Newfoundland, Canada... Sydney, New South Wales, Australia... Boston, Massachusetts... Melbourne, Victoria, Australia... Saint Louis, Missouri... Aurora, Colorado... Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada... Voorhees, New Jersey... Rochester, New York... whew!! Thanks for giving this site your consideration.

30 September 2010

The Next Director: João Pedro Rodrigues (Wall Street Journal)

In its brief history, BAMcinématek's annual "next director" program has helped introduce New York audiences to some of the world's most audacious filmmakers, providing an ahead-of-the-curve glimpse of how a new generation of auteurs is shaking up cinema. (more above)

Life for killer of Paul Hill’s transsexual niece (Belfast Telegraph [Northern Ireland])

A killer who strangled a pre-operative transsexual prostitute and stole £250 from her has been jailed for at least 21 years. (more above)

Rutgers suicide: Internet Humiliation Trauma for Teen (ABC news)

Clementi's roommate, Ravi, and another Rutgers student, Molly Wei, have each been charged with two counts of invasion of privacy.(more above)

28 September 2010

Queer till I quench - Z's story (Bella Naija [Africa])

In Africa, when we see any news or read any stories on LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transsexual) people, it is usually an analytical piece either from a religious, sociological  or even psychological analytic perspective.(more above)

Gender identity protection worthy of concern at UCF (Central Florida Future)

My name is Alexander Sierra, and I am a transgender student at UCF. (more above)

27 September 2010

25 September 2010

By jingo, it's a maze this equality game (Daily Mail [UK])

Just when I was starting to despair of seeing my old transsexual acquaintance Jenny, up she popped in the traditional debate on sex/equality. (more above)

Surgery? (QNotes)

Okay. You might ask, “What’s up with Robbi? (more above)

First-ever gay branded hospitality decor revealed (Curbed)

There's the hushed tones and faded toile de jouy of feminine decor, the steel- and leather-clad furnishings of masculine decor, and now, ladies and gents, the New York City
hospitality sphere has finally, at long last, welcomed with full force the previously murky category of gay decor. (more above)

Big Owl comedy club comes to Sunderland (About my Area [UK])

The BIG OWL Comedy Club is setting up camp at Infinity Entertainment Suite and will be with us the first Friday of every month. (more above)

24 September 2010

A transsexual turns RJ (Bangalore Mirror [India])

In a society that detests transsexuals and treats them as social outcasts, Priyanka, 25, a transsexual, leads a respectable life, as a radio jockey, even as she attempts to uplift members of her community. (more above)

Transgenders go for sex-change (Express Buzz)

22 September 2010

Glad to be gay in Indonesia (Asia Times [Indonesia])

JAKARTA - A month-long film festival featuring lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual (LGBT) issues will open on Friday in Indonesia, the only such event screened anywhere in the Muslim world. (more above)

21 September 2010

Sex-change op rescued my life, says Oxford woman (Oxford Mail [UK])

FOR her first 39 years transsexual Gina Ravens ‘hid away from the world’ in the body of Graham Dennis Day. (more above)

Man pays 230k yuan for magic sex change

Hoping that he could turn into a woman and go abroad, a 55-year-old man was cheated out of 230,000 yuan ($34,201). (more above)

Sex-talk with Alice Hooper-Hodson (Daily Record [UK])

Q I've found pictures of men dressed as women on my partner's computer.(more above)

20 September 2010

Vancouver woman links eviction to being transsexual (Straight ])

A Vancouver transsexual has filed a human-rights complaint, alleging discrimination on the basis of sex, age, and disability after she was evicted from a downtown social-housing complex. (more above)

Suicidal Nadia in really bad place (The Sun [UK])

FOLLOWING her suicide attempt, Big Brother star Nadia Almada has said she's in a "really bad place right now" and "needs some guidance". (more above)

Of Montreal forgot disco is dead (UB spectrum)

Georgie Fruit is back. (more above)

19 September 2010

Transsexual scout wins praise as Turkey's '14th giant man' (Hurriyet Daily News [Turkey])

Turkish basketball star Hidayet Türkoğlu drew loud chants of “Hido, Hido” during the 2010 FIBA World Basketball Championship, and the crowd roared when Kerem Tunçeri made a last-minute lay-up against Serbia to take Turkey into the finals. (more later)

10 September 2010

Thy will be done (Boston.com)

As documentaries go, “Thy Will Be Done’’ is neither evenhanded nor a work of advocacy journalism. (more above)

09 September 2010

Unstill waters: the fluid role of networks in social movements (Nonprofit Quarterly)

An individual social movement can span many generations. (more above)

George Takei appears at Autry museum (San Fernando Sun)

Actor and community activist George Takei will make a presentation as part of the Out West series at the Autry National Center on Sunday, Sept. 19, at 2 p.m. (more above)

08 September 2010

Montana Tea Party axed over comments concerning hanging of homosexuals (Huffington Post)

The president of Montana's Big Sky Tea Party Association has been fired from his leadership position following remarks made online that implied his support for the public hanging of homosexuals. (more above)

Pride parade turns political (CBC [Canada])

The weather may have been cool and wet, but the annual Calgary Pride parade managed to generate some political heat. (more above)

The androgynous trend continues (Black Book Magazine)

With boys dressing like girls and girls dressing like boys, there's no stopping androgyny this fall. (more above)

Ah hua or Aqua? {Ah Hua = derogatory term} (Asia Times [Singapore])

THE Ah Kua Show? Oh, you mean the Aqua Show. (more above)

I'd always hated my facial hair (The Guardian [UK])

Having changed my name, I considered what else could be done while I waited for my first Gender Identity Clinic appointment. (more above)

Why bathrooms are a civil rights issue (Huffington Post)

Although it is not frequently acknowledged, bathrooms have been contested civil rights sites for several decades now. (more above)

Egyptian transsexual battles to become a doctor (Monsters and Critics)

Cairo - Sally Abdullah Mursi walks into a room with an air of confidence, clutching a leather handbag in one hand and holding a pink mobile telephone in the other.(more above)

04 September 2010

The changing face of the transgender community (GLTNN)

Time was when the conventional image of a transgender individual was that of a man dressing as a woman. (more above)