05 November 2017

What the fork!?!?!?

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ezs note:  I came across it quite accidentally, but it shook me nevertheless.  The ICC is investigating the United States for possible war crimes.  All to no avail, unfortunately.  Y'see, we don't want to get our hands dirty, even though we got the United Nations started in the first place!!!  

Is it because we refused to ban IEDs - even when our own troops got maimed or killed?

Is it because we allowed (until the early 2000s) the (ahem) great state of Texas to throw LGBT+ people into prison - with no other reason?

I am going to call my Representative and my two Senators and urge them to join the ICC.  Yeah - I know - this is a real long shot.  But it starts with one.  

The Russian Hacking Scandal Is Way Bigger than Donald Trump

Jonah Schepp
New York

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ezs note:  If you are planning on being at Storrs, Connecticut (section of Mansfield) on November 13, you might want to come here.

Cyprus -- Cyprus is least gay-friendly EU country, rights group says

Nikolaj Nielsen
eu observer

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Iowa jury returns guilty verdict in gender-identity murder case

Reuters staff

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Sign promoting inclusion vandalized at Congregational church

Lauren Harkawik
The Deerfield Valley News

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Transgender candidates hope to make history in California

Casey Tolan
The Mercury News

East Los Angeles, CA

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Once again... VOTE!!!