07 December 2016

5 Times Donald Trump Made False or Unsubstantiated Claims

Serena Marshall

Credit:  http://www.newscorpse.com/Pix/Campaign-2016/trump-politifact-liar-year.jpg

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ezs note:  In other words, Donald Trump is a pathological liar.  And if you believed him, you were snookered.

Transgender Community Hopeful that House Bill 2 will be overturned

Chelsea Donovan

Gov-elect Roy Cooper

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Tradition, Respect and Mutual Understanding

Julie Chase
Out & About Nashville

Analysis: A bathroom mess for Republican Texas lawmakers

Ross Ramsey
El Paso Proud

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Addressing the trans community with dignity and respect

Lauren Hertzler

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Just to clarify things...

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There are those who believe that the main reason that I have for disagreeing with Donald Trump have to do with his points of view.  Well, yes, they do exist.  But they are not the reason.

I do it because he is a goon.

I do it because he is a stalker.

I do it because he is a F&%#ING RAPIST.

(See "Fresh Air" with Terry Gross on WNPR.)

Hope this helps!