02 May 2011

My screed...

This topic goes astray a little, but I feel it is one which is of vital importance.  My friend (and she does remain my friend, despite her maddening views)  is one who is against improved busway service. She says it will increase taxation, even though it was proposed two administrations ago.  Never mind.  She's 'agin it.

But let's consider the tax rate the governor is proposing.  He is not proposing a 10 percent sales tax rate.  Nor a 9 percent rate. Nor even an 8 percent rate. He is proposing going from a 7  to a 7.25 taxation rate... heavens to Betsy, what an extortionist...

 I have some news for you... disturbing, but true.  The fantasyland "perfect" taxation rate never existed in the past, does not exist in the present, nor will it exist in the future.  IT DOESN'T EXIST.

What we do try to do, however, in our imperfect microcosm of  a world, is to  make life a tad better for those who are less fortunate. Like those who are blind.  Like those who have had a stroke.  Like those who are less fortunate and looking for a job.  Those who have a job, but who can't afford a car. And, increasingly so, those who can afford a car today but who can't afford one tomorrow.

In other words, you.

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