30 January 2017


Robin Wright
The New Yorker

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A Survey Of 1,500 Transgender Texans Quantifies The Challenges That They Face

Dan Solomon
Texas Monthly

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ezs note:  If you are from Texas, do yourself and your district a big favor by urging your state congressperson AND state senator to vote NO on the idiotic Senate Bill 6.  Thanks.

White House considers reversing LGBT protections for federal workers

Juliet Eilperin
Sandhya Somashekhar
The Washington Post

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'Deeply concerned': Corporate America responds to Trump's immigration ban

Ed O'Keefe
David Weigel
Chicago Tribune

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ezs note:  It takes a little while, but concerns regarding transgender immigration is discussed.

How to Plan a Safe Trip for Gay and Transgender Travelers

Tanya Mohn
The New York Times

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29 January 2017

100 protests against Donald Trump!

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Rep. John Lewis waits it out at the Atl airport as the feds continue to detain at least one green card-holder returning from Iran.


I'm in Battery Park in NYC. Several thousand already gathered here to protest . "No hate, no fear, immigrants are welcome here."


Holy crap, go Boston!!


Dir of Nat. Intel and Joint Chiefs of Staff removed from the Natl Sec'y Council, but white nationalist Steve Bannon appointed.


Acclaimed Iranian director won’t attend Oscars due to "unjust conditions" of Trump executive order


Impromptu legal aid stand , where lawyers say Customs officers refusing to comply with court orders.


My dad was a rabbi. I like to think, and have reason to think, he'd be giving some fiery sermons condemning if he were alive rn


Video shared by shows growing crowds outside the White House to protest Trump’s refugee ban


If you wonder why CBP is still enforcing the in defiance of court orders, remember an anti-immigrant zealot runs the agency now


Beginning to think is just a water carrier for his hero, Donald Trump, who goes after anyone who says anything mean about him.


We have gotten disturbing reports that is refusing to comply with the court order


"When I hear and see Donald Trump, I hear and see an emergency." Well-written piece, Propane Jane,


Thousands turning out to protest at the White House. Proud! pic via


1. There are 292 Republican members of Congress EIGHT have spoken out against Trump's Muslim ban


Student, doctor, son banned by Trump: Now what? - CNN


Wow--stunning detail from here: Those denied entry, unaware of Trump's order, were still charged with breaking immigration law


This is what democracy looks like 🇺🇸🙏✊✌️❤️


As you watch this unfold, think of this: what happens if they try to start deporting DACA recipients? Or kick 20 mil off health insurance?


Trump is desecrating American norms. Fight him *every day* & *in every way* - the thousands of Americans in the streets


Immigration officials have informed that they're releasing travelers detained at DFW, will meet with Dallas mayor


Customs agents at Dulles told lawyers they were ordered by "upper mgmt" to not provide info/access – that is direct violation of court order


1. The things Trump talks about are very disturbing and worth our attention. But it's also important to focus on what Trump won't talk about


My 1st act as Labour leader was to speak in support of refugees. I will never turn my back on a human in need. Never


At interfaith rally in Teaneck,made our voices loud & clear that we won't stand for refugee ban & discriminatory visa policy against Muslims



We are not going away. Welcome to your 10th day.


@CBP just refused access to four elected representatives


'Breathtaking violation of rights': L.A. city attorney barred from seeing detainees at LAX


White House says court rulings do not halt the thrust of Trump's ban, "restricted travel will remain prohibited."


An honor to raise my voice with thousands of New Yorkers in Battery Park today.


Protesting at airport at 2pm PT. Join me in the fight to uphold our core values of liberty and justice for ALL.


Muslim ban detainees at JFK Airport are being pressured to revoke legal immigration status, lawyers tell us


So the White House just released a statement stating that they will ignore the order from the federal judge. This is just lawlessness.


We're urging Senate to cancel vote on Sessions atty general nom based on his reported involvement in executive orders signed by Trump today


This is what dictators do. They try to silence independent outlets by encouraging rich friends to buy or close them. We are in a scary place


"Resistance requires discipline. We have two hands. One is to battle. One is to build."


The law is clear. The is illegal. I will introduce a bill this week to immediately overturn this dangerous, hateful order.


I stand with the people gathered across the country tonight defending our values & our Constitution. This is not who we are.


First they came for the Muslims and we said not today motherfucker (placard)


Remember sitting in history, thinking “If I was alive then, I would’ve…” You’re alive now. Whatever you’re doing is what you would’ve done.


What does have to say about the green card holders - the LEGAL immigrants - who are being denied entry to America right now?


: Traffic blocked outside Gate E due to protest at Miami International Airport:


That Pennsylvania Ave hotel? Protesters like it, too.


If the White House disobeys the federal court orders, we must be prepared to take to the streets to preserve our democracy.


Right now Washington D.C. is packed again with people protesting Trump's unAmerican racist nativism. A new generation is rising.


We will fight against racism. We will fight against anti-Muslim rhetoric. We will fight against those who will marginalize who we are.


Outside Trump Hotel, heading toward the Capitol. Never seen this kind of thing in DC. Crowd keeps coming & coming, growing bigger & bigger.


Shut/slow down Congress until the order is rescinded, anything less is capitulation


This appears to be a direct violation of Judge Brinkema's order.


Protest on the steps of the capitol


Trump must be impeached for abusing his power and shredding the Constitution more monstrously than any other President in American history.


The largest protest is at JFK. New Yorkers, the ones most devastated by 9/11. They are not fooled & you shouldn't be, either.


P.S. My grandparents were immigrants. The woman making us pizza right now is Muslim. And I'm grateful for all of them.


Who's at or heading there? Considering heading there myself...


The level & magnitude of daily protest vs Prez Trump in major cities is simply astonishing. Dem officials will be scrambling to keep up


Liberals who don't speak up, we see you too. We notice your silence, and you are choosing the side of the oppression



Updates from the protests around the country:


Pelosi in letter to House Dems: On Monday House and Senate Dems will "demand the President withdraw his disreputable executive order."


California's Xavier Becerra joins 15 other state attorneys general in statement condemning Pres. Trump's refugee order as "unamerican."


"Nationalism is an infantile disease, the measles of mankind."—Albert Einstein, 1929


Would Trump prefer protesters gather in front of his new (white) house or his new hotel? How's that conflict of interest feeling today?


Congresswoman is here at LAX protest leading the crowd in the chant "no ban, no wall, you build it up we'll tear it down"



dice que con el apoyo de republicanos puede revocar el polémico veto migratorio de


I stand with the people fleeing war and persecution. I stand with the people defending our values


Moments ago, and I greeted travelers who were detained at since yesterday. We are very sorry.


This is the America I believe in!!


Our saftey is in the hands of his ego.



Time to shut down Trump hotels w/protests and make him wish he'd sold his interest...Boycott all companies affiliated with his venal family


No ban. No wall. Not today. Not in our City. Not in our Country.


Top tech leaders condemn Trump immigration ban



. statement on "extreme vetting" -- leans on Obama precedents and blames "Muslim ban" terminology on media


The Constitution is nothing without a citizenry demanding that it live up to its stated goals. It won't do that on its own. It never has.


Hoping contempt of court rulings in the works.


So if you're just arriving at ABIA, here's your first impression of Austin.


. is spreading hate and xenophobia. is silent Your constituents are watching


USA V.P deleted his Tweet DATED 8TH Dec, 2015, that condemned the calls to ban Muslims from entering US. You can join the dots.


If you've seen the news and don't know where to start re. supporting refugees, I highly recommend this crew


Breaking: NY Attorney General will be formally asking DHS for names of any detained at JFK, I'm told


At LAX. This is what democracy looks like. This will continue until fascist POTUS leaves WH.


It hurts my feelings that the movement for Black lives doesn't inspire this kind of worldwide, bipartisan unity. It sincerely does.


Some terms world leaders have used to describe Trump's refugee ban:
"Dead end"
"Astonishingly dumb"


The may be over, but the fight is just beginning:


The Governor of Washington just declared an enemy of the United States.


ACTION ALERT: 9 people have been released from , w/200 still DETAINED! Join us at Terminal 4 Arrivals NOW!


As context, Copley Square was the scene of the marathon bombing. Bostonians understand terrorism. But they also understand defending rights.


How about fighting some of the ridiculous cabinet appointments Trump is making.


Dear people enforcing these unconscionable and illegal orders: Historically, "I was only following orders" has not been a solid defense.


There is something more important and powerful than all three branches of government. It is you – the people.


Trump's message all along was to transform hate into racist white nationalism — and everyone except the media knew it.


In an impassioned speech to protesters on Saturday night, Sen. Cory Booker described President Trump's travel ban as “a crime and a sin”


Need a reason to vote in midterm elections?


"We miss our parents" protestors at Atlanta airport


"Make Atlanta a " chants crowd at Atlanta airport


"Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it"


Try again. Go farther. Outright condemn the and refuse to participate in Trump's advisory council. Otherwise you validate him.

Orange☑️ Fascist☑️ Afraid of stairs ☑️ Unhelpfully small appendages☑️ Barks repetitive meaningless statements☑️

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