30 April 2017

Trump snubs — then trolls — White House Correspondents Dinner (Canada)

Jack Gillum

Credit:  http://edfredned.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Trumptroll1.jpg

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Discrimination against two-spirit indigenous people linked to suicide crisis (Canada)


We-wha, ca. 1888

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Brighton TV presenter chosen to run for Parliament for Labour (UK)

Frank le Duc
Brighton & Hove News

Sophie Cook

Credit:  http://i4.mirror.co.uk/incoming/article7114234.ece/ALTERNATES/s615b/PAY-Sophie-Cook.jpg

Ros-Lehtinen served all of Miami-Dade well

Miami Herald

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

Credit:  https://ros-lehtinen.house.gov/sites/ros-lehtinen.house.gov/files/ilr_hi_res-NOBACKGROUND-25percent_1.png

ezs note:  In case you missed it, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is one of the few Republicans who tirelessly worked for the rights of transgender citizens.  Notably, she is one of the few in her party who did not vote for the abysmal Donald Trump.  She is retiring after this term.  Goodbye, Ileana - we will miss you!

LGBTQ groups fear Tennessee bill would roll back civil rights

Corinne Segal

Credit:  https://www.uwp.edu/live/services/lgbtqresourcecenter/images/LGBTQ_Rt_Col.jpg

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ezs note:  Tennessee residents - please, take a few minutes to call your state representative AND  state senator to kill House Bill 1111 / Senate Bill 1085.  Thanks.