06 May 2021

archive - Jewel Box Revue - ca. 1960s

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If you have pamphlets, magazines, posters, scrapbooks, paintings, sculptures, art printings, or newspaper clippings and wish to donate them to a reputable organization, please see digitaltransgenderarchive.net.

You can read more about Lynne Carter in Wikipedia.

New Jersey - Video captures woman's 'transphobic' rant at New Jersey restaurant

Annie McCormick

Eyewitness News

Smithville, NJ

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ezs note:  Serendipity lives!  You can press Neptune Township to fire Michael Smurro by linking with www.change.org.

lead story - US hits new record for transgender killings. Puerto Rico is the epicenter of the violence.

Marc Ramirez

USA Today

San Juan, PR

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ezs note:  please note the following homicides:
Kimberly Vasquez Arciliares/San Juan PR - 956-223-2400
Keri Washington/Clearwater FL - 727-562-4242

Donald Trump - The only decision Facebook should make on Trump

Kara Alaimo


Facebook (early)

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