14 October 2017

Mnuchin Says Estate Tax Repeal Will Help ‘Rich People’ Most

Alan Rappeport
The New York Times

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Kim Davis, Once Jailed in America, Campaigns Against Gay Marriage in Romania

Liam Stack, Kit Gillet
The New York Times

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LGBTQ Life celebrates National Coming Out Day

Taylor Jade Powell

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Brogan-Kator discusses transgender rights at Gender Colloquium

Candice Clark

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Lawmakers launch legislation to protect transgender troops

Carl Prine
The San Diego Union-Tribune

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Tazewell, Virginia

estimated transgender population: 27* (rounded up)

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ezs note:  For such a tiny town, its National Register of Historic Places is quite impressive.  And one of these - the Tazewell Historic District is open to the public!  Come on down - visit Tazewell, Virginia today!