28 December 2012

Makin' the best from the end of 2012!

It certainly has been a topsy-turvy year.  On the plus side, we see Barack Obama and Joe Biden forcefully championing LGBT folks.  On the minus side, we see such great sadness in Aurora and Newtown.

So, as the year ends, you might be wondering what difference you can make.  The year is almost over, right?

But you can make a difference.  You can send an e-letter to your Congressperson or MP.  Let them know that LGBT people are watching - and they vote.  Whether Democratic or Republican, you can put the feet on the fire.

It's true, 2012 is almost over.  But you can make a difference, and you will feel so much better inside.

And as for what is coming, happy New Year!

Vancouver, BC (CAN)