01 September 2015

TransTech Helps Transgender People Get Jobs In Tech And, Soon, The White House

Megan Rose Dickey

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Parents Usher In New School Year With Bigoted Attacks On Transgender Students

Zack Ford
Think Progress

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Fearing for my black, transgender child's life

Louis Porter II
The Washington Post

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It's time! Register! Vote!

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I understand. Many of you are thinking, "Ahh, what's the use? I'm less than a drop in a bucket."  Well... I'll give you a reason.  Better yet, I'll give you eighteen good reasons:

1. Papi Edwards
2. Lamia Beard
3. Ty Underwood
4. Yasmin Vash Payne
5. Taja Gabrielle DeJesus
6. Penny Proud
7. Kristina Grant Infiniti
8. London Chanel
9. Mercedes Williamson
10. Ashton O'Hara
11. Amber Monroe
12. India Clarke
13. K.C. Haggard
14. Shade Schuler
15. Kandis Capri
16. Elisha Walker
17. Tamara Dominguez
18. Keyshia Blige

These women can't speak any more.  They were murdered. And these names are only those that we know about.

Register. Vote. Pick up the fallen flag in your own community.