23 March 2021

archive - Escaped Negro Convict is Captured Here as "Female Impersonator" - June 21 1913


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Alabama - Proposed Alabama transgender law: I’m a pediatrician and I’m gravely concerned

Terrance D. Weeden


Mobile, AL

please press:  www.al.com

lead story - Tennessee lawmakers pass transgender sports bill

Slater Teague


Hartsville, TN

please press:  www.wjhl.com

ezs note:  Tenneseeans - If your state representative is one of the 71 who votes for this idiotic bill, NOW is the time to start strategizing his/her defeat in the upcoming election.

Denver shooting - Suspect in Colorado grocery store shooting faces 10 counts of murder, police say

Jason Hanna, Madeleine Holcombe


Denver, CO

please press:  www.cnn.com