14 August 2010

Cuba's first transsexual in the spotlight (AFP )

HAVANA — The story of Cuba's first transsexual to undergo gender reassignment surgery is coming to the big screen in a documentary getting its premiere Wednesday on the Communist-ruled island, its director said. (more above)

Transgender accused of three Bakersfield molestations (KGET)

A Bakersfield man, who police say dressed as a woman, is accused of a string of molestations in southwest Bakersfield, two involving teenage boys. (more above)

Transgender murders lover, goes out for a drink (NBC Philadelphia)

A transgender woman has been charged with stabbing her lover to death before allegedly admitting to the crime over drinks. (more above)

The shortest shorts and the tightest leggings (Daily Mail [UK])

With the amount of partying they do, it's a wonder the cast of Coronation Street manage to put together a regular soap and look good as well. (more above)

SF camerawork's queer fall exhibit (Stark Silver Screen)

Camerawork is Suggestions of a Life Being Lived, a bold presentation of contemporary work that explores queer activism, intentional and imagined communities, self-determinism, and DIY alternative world-making. (more above)

Margi Clarke bids for Eurovision glory (The Sun [UK])

CORRIE star Margi Clarke is making a bid for Eurovision glory with a high-energy dance track. (more above)

Transgender woman wins unfair dismissal case (Eyewitness News [South Africa])

The Labour Court has ruled that a transgender woman who claims she was unfairly dismissed from her company will be reinstated in her job. (more above)

From Hermione to Hermanly (News of the World [UK])

HARRY Potter star Daniel Radcliffe shows off his wizard new best friend - a transsexual singer called Our Lady J. (more above)