13 November 2018

Donald Trump - Trump, stung by midterms and nervous about Mueller, retreats from traditional presidential duties

Eli Stokols
Los Angeles Times

Hitler, thinking fondly of a future thug...

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Egypt/US - "The Wedding" Director Sam Abbas on What It’s Like to Screen an LGBTQ Film in the Middle East

Noor Bhara

The Wedding (movie)

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civil rights - 176 Companies Sign on to Statement Opposing Trump's Efforts to Limit Transgender Rights

Emily Gillespie

San Jose, CA

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Alaska - No Quick Resolution Expected in Transgender Shelter Case

US News & World Report

Anchorage, AK
Alaska Center for the Performing Arts

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lead story - A Perilous Moment for Transgender People in the United States

Sebastian Kohn
Open Society Foundations

In Time Of Peril, Edmund Blair Leighton (1897)

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