09 June 2018

Rockford, Michigan

estimated transgender population:  36*
(rounded down)

Credit:  http://rockfordmichamber.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/FishRogue.jpg

ezs note:  Do you like hiking?  Well, I sure do!  If you are in the area of Rockford, Michigan, you are in the midst of a 91-mile trail!  Have fun!

Donald Trump - The Madness of King Trump on Full Display at the G7

Christopher Dickey
Daily Beast

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Chile - Chile: Sex Change No Longer Required To Alter Gender Identity


Chilean bell flower (Lapageria rosea)

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civil rights - Bill would give transgender inmates in California jails civil rights protections

Beatriz Valenzuela
Q Voice News

Pleasant Valley State Prison

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Rhode Island - R.I. House votes to end ‘gay or trans panic’ defense

Katherine Gregg
Providence Journal

Rhode Island State Capitol

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lead story - Despite Trump, transgender veterans honor their own

Michael Mathes
The Times of Israel

Arlington National Cemetery

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I think a servicemember said it best:

“In November, people need to get off their butts and vote,” she said.

Any questions, jarheads?  (with apologies to Dr. Heitner)