03 March 2018

Donald Trump's 'chaos' presidency is 'freaking out his own party' now more than ever before

Matt Kwong

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Barbados - Barbados police criticized for response to attack on trans activist

Michael K. Lavers
Washington Blade

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Officials say transgender woman should stay at men's prison


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New Jersey - Transgender pastor celebrated at renaming service

Caitlyn Mota


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Transgender Man Can’t Challenge Indiana’s Name-Change Policy

Lorraine Bailey
Courthouse News Service

Our 'heroes', the 7th Circuit

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Bluffton, South Carolina

estimated transgender population: 110*
(rounded up)

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ezs note:  As we travel down to Bluffton, South Carolina, we come across the Secessionist Oak.  Uh, yeah.  Do us a favor, Bluffton.  Chop the damn thing down.  No one needs to be 'warmly' reminded of that vile piece of American 'history'.