06 November 2019

Portugal - Portuguese duo brings fado music out of the closet

France 24

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ezs note: To those who are unfamiliar with fado music, you can find out the basics here.

civil rights - Nashua man banned from Planet Fitness after objecting to transgender woman's locker room choice

Doug Alden
New Hampshire Union-Leader

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ezs note: There's a wee misunderstanding from the use of the word "object" in the title.  Mr. Bernier did not "object".  He threatened to "kill" her.  Several times.  

West Virginia - School board, transgender student's lawyers spar over motion to dismiss lawsuit

Matt Harvey

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lead story - The Texas Attorney General Promised to Remember My Transgender Son. His Recent Actions Show He's Forgotten

Amber Briggle

William P. Clements state office building

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Donald Trump - Tuesday's Elections Show Impeachment Might Not Boost GOP As Much As It Hoped

Domenico Montanaro

ezs note:  Awwwww...  poor Donald... (hee, hee!)

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