30 October 2018

Donald Trump - Gillum responds to Trump attacks: 'Never wrestle with a pig'

Caitlin Oprysko

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Bhutan - Amid Widespread Stigma and Harassment, Bhutan's LGBT Community Seeks Acceptance

Chencho Dema, Peky Samal
The Wire

Thimbu, Bhutan

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civil rights - 1500 parents of transgender children blast proposal to eliminate civil rights proposals

John Riley

March on Washington (1963)

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ezs note:  One... more... time... VOTE.

Colorado - “When does it end?”: Colorado transgender community reeling from Trump administration attempt to redefine “sex” in federal law

Elise Schmelzer
The Denver Post

Denver, CO


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ezs note:  Once again, VOTE.

lead story - ‘Denying our very humanity:’ Trump proposal wounds Bay Area transgender community

Erin Allday
San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco, CA

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ezs note:  Wherever you are, VOTE.